I look like an 8 year old tomboy!

So it’s entirely possible that I could have been hit by a truck last night rather than have done the crossfit workout. I woke up this morning in serious pain, to say the least. To top it all off, I decided last night was a great night (since I wasn’t spending the night with my boyfriend) to wear the dreaded retainer. Yeah…. so I woke up with an INCREDIBLY sore body, and a headache  like none other to boot! Fun!!

So as I’m getting into the shower this morning, I can’t help but notice the dramatic bruise on my right shoulder from power cleans the other night (repeatedly dropping 55#’s on your shoulder 45ish times will do that), the bruises on my knees from all the push ups, and the whip-lash marks on my forearms from rope jumping….. it’s as if I’m a little kid again (although I would not have had bruises on my shoulders from power cleans at 8…but maybe my kids will, haha)!!

On a POSITIVE note however, I friggin’ feel amazing!!! I have been doing crossfit consistently 3 times a week the last two weeks, and I’m feeling it! I feel like I have more energy again, I feel SEXY again (woot! sometimes I look forward to taking my shirt off, hahahaha), I DO feel like I’m getting stronger (if only I could conquer the pull-up!!), OH and I DID do my first, second, third and fourth DOUBLE UNDER LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! Bethany is my witness!!! I got a LITTLE too excited every time I got it! haha. Then last night one of my friends moms told me that I looked like I had DEFINITELY lost a lot of weight! WOOT!!! Kicking ass and taking names my friends 😉


Okay, for the WOD last night

3 Rounds
-30 double unders –a double under is two revolutions per jump while jumping rope (For a modification I had to do 3:1 singles, so I did 90 singles)

-30 wall balls (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC2FmcPH64o)

-30 double unders (again 90)

so that means I did 90 wall balls last night, and 540 jump rope revolutions!!15 Minute Time Limit but finished in 12:50

– Max Consecutive Pull-ups I did 8, with the green band (thats my major weakness….I WILL get better at these!)

May do crossfit Saturday morning, so I’ll post if I do. Starting to move my stuff into the new apartment  with the boy on SUNDAY!! 😀 ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening 🙂 xoxo


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