YOU have the power to be who YOU want!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how life is so funny sometimes. Four months ago, if you had told me that by Christmas you would have met the most important man you’ll ever meet and be moving in with him on January 1st, I would have laughed. I felt so far away from all of that, just 4 short MONTHS ago! Now, if you had told me that “Jen, you are going to be a totally different person physically, mentally, etc…” I would have wanted to believe you…but wouldn’t have seen it being a reality for some reason. I have struggled with my body image, my weight, my eating habits, my commitment to exercise…my whole life. My senior year of college I developed a stomach issue that pretty much took over my whole life. Every single time I ate, I felt sick…so naturally, I started to fear eating. It wasn’t until I was taking a nutrition class and we had to record what we ate for three whole days, that I realized something was wrong. I was eating 600 calories a day. That is HALF of the MINIMUM of what we should be eating as women! HALF! I was running on fumes. No wonder I didnt’ have the drive or energy to work out!!!  Fast forward a couple years, the weight is all back, feeling like a slug, and then hard times hit again. Stress is my biggest enemy. So what happens? Times get tough, Jen gets sick, eats a lot less…but THIS time…I add exercise. I was working at a Rec camp, so we were sprinting around playing very active games all day everyday, then I was going home and running 5 miles every day to clear my head, and then barely eating on top of it all. Crazy… absolutely crazy. What was I doing to my body???? You can read my boyfriends blog on this, he puts it perfectly My body was shutting down….

Fast forward again another year. I got an offer to work full-time along side one of the leading authorities in the raw food movement. I honestly didn’t know who she was, or what the whole raw food diet was about. Had you asked me before I probably would have said sushi and carrot sticks…right? Is that what you’re thinking too? It’s not though. (Raw and Living foods are uncooked, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains. These raw foods can be eaten whole or combined to make the healthiest, most delicious meals -Alissa Cohen Now, I tried to get that lifestyle to stick…but it wasn’t going to happen for me. However, I learned A LOT about nutrition in the couple months I worked with her. Suddenly, nutrition and diet were even more interesting to me than before.

4 months ago: I was at the Salem Common in July, and I met this guy 😉 We started going on dates, and then it got pretty serious 🙂 In the course of this time I have changed DRAMATICALLY. I was introduced to the “Paleo Diet”. Simply put,  I eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. I started eating this way, and have stayed PRETTY dang close to it (sometimes I eat a cookie or something, come on, I’m human! Doesn’t mean I feel awesome after though…). Its amazing…for the first time in my life I don’t count calories…I dont’ weigh myself all the time….I dont’ EVER eat “low-fat” anything….I eat to support movement, to keep my energy up. I eat like I have a heart to nourish. Every meal I try to think, is there protein here? Is there healthy fat? Is there a vegetable?  Nick, I have you to thank for this the most. You have helped me sooooo much in adjusting this piece of my life. Which leads to Crossfit..the movement portion of my transformation (Nick also introduced me to this!). I HATED exercise all through highschool. Hated it! Then I got to college…exercised just when I started gaining weight…until I got it off. Then after college, I started incorporating it a little more, but it didnt’ stick. Now..I’ve been doing this since October, 3 times a week, and I’m honestly afraid to STOP! I have seen such dramatic results in such a short time that I am honestly afraid to stop!

I started this whole process in October and my waist was 28 inches, my hips were 39-40. Now…my waist is 26 and my hips are 38. I am starting to see definition in my abs, my legs are the hardest they have ever been in my LIFE. I have never even had any calf definition, and now my calves are starting to SPLIT!!,  and I have noticed that my arms a lot smaller and they are getting more toned. It’s like some MIRACLE!! The workouts are a fraction of the time of any other workout I’ve ever done, and the results are exponentially MORE! Makes you think doesn’t it? 🙂

Okay, enough about that!!

Last nights workout was AWESOME! I had two of my favorite ladies working out with me, and my favorite man 🙂 As I posted yesterday, we did Tabata double unders and squats for the main workout last night. Before that, however, we did straight presses. I think the last time I did straight presses I was struggling with the bar (15#), don’t laugh! haha. This time though, I started out with 10 on each side, totaling 35#’s, and needed to go up, so I ended up doing the last three rounds with 45#. Niiiiiiccceee!!! I think I could have even gone for more!

So the tabatas…one of the 20 second rounds I did 3 double unders in a row with a single in between. WOOOOOOOOOT! I did a lot more than 3 double unders in the whole workout, but strung together with a single in between each, three was the most!

For the tabata squats I got a lot of push from Doc Franson. He told us girls to pick a number (a number of squats that we didnt’ want to fall below in the 20 second rounds- again Tabata is 20 seconds as hard as you can go, 10 seconds rest, 8 times…for a total of 4 minutes of working out), I picked 10. My first round I busted ass and did 20, which is a squat per second!~Then the next two were 15, and the last five were between 12-13!! Not toooooooo bad!!! Had trouble walking up stairs after, and I got tired just standing to do the dishes…but thats how you know you had a good workout 🙂 😉

Thanks for listening loves, and have an AWESOME day!!!!

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2 thoughts on “YOU have the power to be who YOU want!

  1. Bethany says:

    I got home last night and did what I like to call Tabata Laundry Folding. My arms were so tired I could only fold 2 things and then I had to rest.

  2. nadeaujl5 says:

    hahaha, I was doing the dishes last night and honestly just didn’t want to stand there to do one more dish…I was EXHAUSTED from those squats!! I’m glad that you were there 🙂 I dont’ want you to do noon classes!!!! 😦

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