2010: My Body is a Temple

Good morning loves! Well, here we are, on December 31st…the last day of 2009. Where the HECK did this year GO??! This has been quite the transformative year for me. When I look back to this time last year, I don’t even RECOGNIZE that person, and I’m oh so thankful to be where I am today. Since January 2009 I have literally gone from being the saddest I have ever been in my whole life, the most lost, etc….to being the HAPPIEST I have ever been in my life. That’s pretty remarkable for only ONE year!

It was pretty funny, during this move I have found some things I had tucked away that I haven’t looked at in forever. One of the things I found the other night was a journal that someone had bought for me in Feb 2009. One of the first entries in that journal was talking about how my life was scattered and I had absolutely NO routine. I was going to bed at 2am on some days, but usually no earlier than midnight. I was rushing out the door without eating breakfast everyday…and grabbing something once I got to work (which usually consisted of a whole wheat (thats healthy right?! haha) bagel with veggie cream cheese (oh yeah! DEFINITELY healthy! it has VEGGIES in it :-p) and a coffee. Then I would get to work, be bored out of my mind and frustrated about things going on at work (super unhappy about that), then for lunch I would go to Viga and get a bowl of pasta with marinara and a roll (holy shit…), and a SODA!!!! Then after work I would go home, sit around, make myself whole wheat spaghetti with LOADS of veggies in the sauce (that was my justification) and a big glass of milk (I’M DYING HERE!). NO WONDER I constantly felt SO sick, NO WONDER I was unhappy with the way my body looked, NOOOOO WONDER JEN!!!!! HELLLOOOOOOOOOO, MCFLYYYYY!

Where was the workout you ask? Well there was none of that. Next question?

So somewhere around the beginning of the summer I started to realize things weren’t working and I was really frustrated with everything. In June I went to a workshop that Franson Family Chiropractic was doing. It was the “Eat Well” workshop (You can watch it here!!! It changed my life 🙂http://www.vimeo.com/5615898) From that night on, I started thinking differently. Everything I learned in that workshop made so much SENSE! Now let me tell you, I have tried every single diet out there. I have been interested in health and wellness since as long as I can remember (I bought my first book on nutrition in the 4th grade bookorder in Mrs. Anderson’s class). The problem I have is STICKING to one! I got bored, I felt deprived, etc, you’ve heard the excuses. Then in July, I met Nick through Franson Family and gave him my word I would go in for a new patient visit. I kept my promise 🙂 During my one on one with him, I told him I really wanted to work on cleaning up my diet (this was at the beginning of August). So, upon leaving that initial appointment that day, Nick handed me a DVD to watch and return. It was a past Eat Well workshop that Dr. Franson had done. I watched it the next night when I was lying on my sunshine yellow couch icing my back (from my first adjustment :)). Since then, again my life has changed DRAMATICALLY! (Just for a little comparison, I’ll tell you how much ROUTINE has become as priority in my life…heres what I did so far today. I woke up with Nick at 5:20…we made a DELICIOUS oatmeal; steel-cut oats, almond butter, raisins, nectarines that we picked this summer, I did the dishes, got ready, came to work, will eat a HEALTHY lunch, go home, and typically I will go to Crossfit, then go home and we make dinner, and go to bed by 9:30…no TV in there either….big change HUH?!)

Since June I am 13 pounds lighter, my skin doesn’t break out NEARLY as much, I have bundles more ENERGY!, I am HAPPIER!!!!, life LOOKS better….my attitude toward life is so much more positive, and when you look for the good you get MORE good. I mean, if you WANT to see how shitty life can be, it’s out there to find….but I prefer to see how friggin’ amazing life can be 🙂

SO! For 2010, like the rest of the world, I will be making resolutions for myself.

-I really want to clean up my diet even more, work on making my tummy a little happier ALL the time.

-I want to attend Crossfit 3 times a week at a MINIMUM for 6 months, and then reassess whether I need to up it to 4 times.

– I want to travel a ton more (going to get my passport this month hopefully!!)

-Hike Mt. Katahdin and Mt. Washington (Maine and NH’s highest peaks).

-Do 10 kipping pullups by years end consecutively!!

-Do 20 pushups consecutively on my TOES!

-Do a free-standing handstand 🙂

-Do at least ONE Crossfit workout at PRESCRIBED weight! 😀

I can DO this!!! and whatever goals you have for yourself in 2010, I have all the faith in the world that you can do it too 🙂

Have a fantastic day 🙂 and see you in the New YEAR!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “2010: My Body is a Temple

  1. Black Sheep says:

    Woohoo! Great goals, Jen. My goals will be posted soon. You are such an inspiration! So very grateful to have you in my life! =)

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