I’m doing sick today…

…and yesterday, and the day before…etc. ARGH!

So part of this whole transformation I’ve been going through has also been education of how my body works, and why it does the things it does. Over the last handful of months, I have acquired the information that we don’t GET sick, we DO sick. As Nick says, we are always either moving toward being HEALTHY or moving toward being SICK. So each decision (even those little bites of cake that we don’t think really matter) we make about what goes into our bodies and our minds, and what we decide to do with our bodies ,affect our health. Imagine the frustration I have right now, DOING sick, all the while thinking I was DOING healthy!! For the last few days I have consumed more lemons (in hot water) than I literally have in my whole life (I didn’t EVER have lemons before…so like 5-7 is still way more! :)), drank A LOT of herbal tea, did some moving (both into a new place and moving my body, haha), got adjusted, rested, took lots of Vit D and C, ate well…..so why then is this happening?! I’m SUPER frustrated! I know that over Christmas I didn’t DO healthy, we already discussed that; it’s just frustrating to think this is still from Christmas.I voiced my frustrations to Nick about this, and he came up with a list of things that would be causing me to be sick…bummer. STRESS is one of them!! So it’s realllly counterproductive for me to be stressed about doing sick.

So my goals for today: Drink LOTS of fluids (tea and hot lemon water), eat some of the DELICIOUS homemade soup Nick made last night (I’m so lucky :)), rest, maybe go for a walk to move my body a little, do LOTS of stretching, and take Vitamin D and Vitamin C.

Does anyone out there have any OTHER suggestions?

On a positive note: I lost another 2 pounds!! It’s amazing to me that when I was counting every calorie I ate, I had a MUCH harder time to lose weight. Now I never count calories, I actually eat MORE than I ever have, and I’m still losing weight? How could that be?? The foods I am eating of course!! When you’re eating the right foods, you don’t need to count calories…you are focused on nourishing your body. What goes through my mind when I’m figuring out what to eat? Where are the healthy fats, protein and vegetables?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Paleo Diet there are books out there, like The Paleo Diet and for those of you who are quite a bit more active, The Paleo Diet for Athletes, both by Loren Cordain, PhD. A great website is http://www.paleopantry.com/home. You can also follow Paleo Pantry on facebook, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jamaica-Plain-MA/Paleo-Pantry/150482351801?ref=nf. Finally, the crossfit.com website has a section on Paleo http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/start-diet.html. Enjoy!!!

Off for a walk in the winter wonderland.


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