Back in the Saddle!

Right now I don't have a picture of me doing we have "Nicole"

So last night I was bound and determined to go to crossfit. I wasn’t entirely sure that my coach would let me (liabilities if I were to damage my neck after it had already been hurt in the accident or something), but I figured I would at least ask 🙂 I planned to attend a Level 1 class, knowing it would be a LITTLE less intense than the 7pm class. On the menu for the night: overhead squats and box jumps. The overhead squats seemed a little scary (carrying a lot of weight over my head while squatting with a mild neck and shoulder injury (whiplash)). Upon asking my coach, he directed me to ask one of the chiropractor’s that was there that night, and I was assured I could work out, just to take it easy. 

Let me tell you…felt so good working out. I started with just the bar for the overhead squats (15#’s) and my coach came over and said he was going to add weight. Automatically my mind went to, can I do that? I let him though, and guess what!? I could!!! and I did!! He put 10 on each side, so I was squatting 35#s total over my head! 

I had some mixed reviews about me going that night. Some people said I was nuts and shouldn’t be moving around like that after having an accident, others said I would be fine. I listened to me this time…with some educated advice from my coach of course. I knew he wouldn’t let me do anything he thought would be too dangerous. This morning over breakfast Nick said he was surprised, but glad, I went last night. He wasn’t sure I would have been ready for it, however agreed that movement heals. I liked his analogy, so if you don’t mind Nick, I’m going to quote it here: “Movement heals because if you think about it, back in the day if you got swatted down by a bear, you still had to get up and hunt for food the next day.” So true. We may not be needing to move to hunt for our food, but our bodies are designed to heal through movement (safe movement…). 

This whole thing just REALLY illustrated to me how much my thought process has been altered. I used to HOPE for ways out of exercise, ways to get out while still looking like I put in the effort to get there. Not this time. I had every intention to workout when I got there, and I would have asked for a modification if they didn’t think I could do those particular exercises. I just wanted to do SOMETHING! This is when I realized I’m doing this for me…not a single other person in this world. Not to look thin or ripped, not because my boyfriend does it, not because everyone else I know in Beverly does it (haha), not because of any social pressure to keep going, not because I’m paying money to go…but because I WANTED to be there…because I WANTED to go. 

Pretty great feeling 🙂


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