30 days: Purely Paleo

Happy Monday!! I hope you had a fantastic weekend, I know I did 🙂

So on Friday evening, while cooking dinner, I mentioned a challenge to Nick. While at crossfit Thursday night, we had a nutrition lecture. My coach mentioned something that struck me hard: “ANYONE can go 30 days without dairy or grains…and if you can’t, you’re a puss!” Lovely, but TRUE! So I mentioned to Nick that we should try it. He said that that is something that he had always been interested in trying, so YES! Now we dont’ eat a lot of grains or dairy as it is, but I bet there is a lot more in our diet than we realize. I know that most mornings I get out of bed for the very thought of eating the DELICIOUS oatmeal Nick is making; I put creamer in my coffee; and some nights we have rice or quinoa. So, 30 days…no dairy at ALL, not grains AT ALL (that includes alcohol and coffee!)….think we can do it? It starts today!



Day 1:

Breakfast: squash and zucchini cooked on a cast iron skillet in olive oil. TASTY bacon from Pete and Jen’s Backyard Birds in Concord, MA. This bacon is healthy bacon!If you live in the Mass area, and you’re interested in healthy, farm raised poultry, eggs or pork (they have rabbits too!), check out Pete and Jen’s Backyard Birds at http://peteandjensbackyardbirds.com/default.aspx). Then to top off breakfast we had a couple organic free range eggs, with fresh squeezed OJ and a mug of vanilla chai (no cream!).

Snack: When I got to work I made myself a cup of hot lemon water (using half of the lemon, and saving the other half for later). I also brought an apple for a snack, and a couple stalks of celery in which I will slather DELICIOUS almond butter on them, and in addition, delicious raisins for the oldie but goodie, Ants on a Log 🙂

Dinner: Well last night Nick and I made a HUGE stock pot of sheep stew (with Sheep Stew Meat from Pete and Jen’s). Along with sheep meat, there is Brussel sprouts, carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, olive oil(for healthy fats), organic beef broth from Trader Joe’s, and lots of seasonings.

So that’s how my day, food wise, is going to go! I’m SO excited to see how my body changes, how my energy changes, and just how much BETTER I will feel on a daily basis! And, of course, I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you 🙂

Crossfit tonight at 6pm!


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