Day 3- Purely Paleo

Okay…so I need to figure this adjustment in my food intake out. I feel like I ate ALL day yesterday, but I was still hungry all the time. I will admit I wasn’t as hungry as I was the first day…but still a lot more hungry than I’m used to being. The cynics tell me it’s because I NEED to eat grains and dairy, I need to have pasta, etc…I dont’ agree (or I get the sarcastic comments like, you’re hungry? why don’t you go out and slay a wholly mammoth..that’s allowed in your diet right? All I can say to that is thank goodness I have a support system at home while doing this…). Before this challenge I was eating probably 80% paleo (oatmeal in the morning, creamer in my coffee, and the occasional night where we would add rice or quinoa to dinner)…so it’s not like I went from eating a lot of grains and dairy in my diet to none…I dont’ NEED them. I think it’s just that the foods I’m eating are very water laden, and while I feel full when I’m eating them, it metabolizes quickly. Which isn’t a BAD thing!!

I listed what I ate yesterday…and we did the math at the end of the day, and I believe I consumed right around 2000 calories; which is where I want to be. It’s funny, for the last two days this challenge has been rather consuming in my thoughts, probably because I’ve been so hungry. Its been SO consuming that I had a RIDICULOUS dream last night about it. I had a dream that I was out with Nick somewhere and he ordered a beer, and then I was like, you’re going to drink that? He took a sip. Then he ate a raspberry with white chocolate chip scone. I lost it!! I said, I can’t believe you’re doing this…we made a pact!. Yeah, its been on my mind, hahahaha.

Ps: he wouldn’t do that, hahaha.


So for today…

Breakfast: Mr. Araza made a FANTASTIC breakfast for us of potatoes, with a scrambled egg mixture of eggs (duh!), green peppers, squash, onions, with avocado on top. We sipped on hot vanilla chai tea over good conversation 🙂

Lunch: Salad (kale, carrots, cukes, grapes, avocado, balsamic), left over chicken from last night…YUM!!!

Snack: carrots with almond butter, and an apple

Dinner: I think we’re having more sheep stew…yeah..there was a lot.

I didn’t go to Crossfit this morning…I know, I know. I informed Nick to make SURE that I was up when the alarm went off, or I would definitely go back to sleep. I dont’ think he realized the extent of my warning, hahaha. I went back to sleep. However, I’m in SERIOUS pain today from yesterdays workout. Every muscle in between every rib hurts…it hurts to breath!! It would have been in the past that I hated every second of that feeling…but I like it now…as Nick says, “Thats how you know its working!” So back in there tomorrow at 6am with Kellye! Can’t Wait!!


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