Paleo: day 4!!

Good morning!! It’s almost the weekend guys…get EXCITED!!

So I was supposed to bring a friend today to Crossfit at 6am. Even though she didn’t show up, I need to be thankful because it gave me the extra boost I needed to get there this morning (assuming she would be there). I think it would have been a LOT harder to get out of bed when I did if I knew that it was only me counting on me. While I am frustrated, I still wanted a good workout, and that I got! Along with a good workout, I got some good social interaction in, first thing in the am 🙂

Today we worked on deadlifts, presses and push presses. I lifted the most I’ve ever lifted on deadlifts…and I definitely think I could have done more. I just didn’t TRY before! I deadlifted 65# today…I’m excited though to try them again soon, so I can try more and see where I max out!! I grabbed two sets of dumbbells for the push presses. I wanted to be able to push 20# (each dumbbell is 20#) this morning, but in reality, I couldnt’ get my arms up. I am still SUPER sore from Tuesday’s workout!! So, because of my planning ahead, I had two 15# dumbbells waiting next to me, and finished the workout with those.

I think the adjustment in my diet MAY be starting to do something to me. Maybe Nick too :-p Last night at about 11:30pm, Nick woke me up. Then he said, “I’m not sure what just happened, but I thought it was time to wake up…” I felt super rested too! We had only been asleep for 2 hours!!! Then again at 4:30am he woke up, thinking it was time to wake up. I’m wondering if this adjustment is causing us to sleep deeper? Thus maybe feeling rested on fewer hours of sleep. I know for a fact that when I woke up this morning, it was so much easier than yesterday!! That could be due to a bunch of factors…expecting someone to be counting on me to be at the gym…Nick was getting up too instead of sleeping a little longer…but regardless, I felt a LOT better!! Also, I know that yesterday I didn’t feel as HUNGRY throughout the day like I had the first two days… So here’s to hoping it only gets BETTER!!!

Breakfast: Again, Nick made an AMAZING breakfast while I was at Crossfit. Scrambled eggs with some potatoes, green peppers, squash and black beans. And a banana post workout.

Snack: Smoothie (I think I saw him putting some peaches in there, banana, broccoli, and then I’m not sure what else, probably water, fish oil, flax seed, etc); carrots for dipping in almond butter again (yummmmm), apple, lemon water

Lunch: Salad (kale, carrots, raisins, cucumbers, balsamic vinegarette, olive oil, pecans).

Dinner: No clue yet!! OU, we discussed making little slider burgers (grass-fed beef) wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves, with tomatoes, onions and avocado….they’re brilliant!!) with maybe some sweet potato wedges 🙂 AHHHHH CAN’T WAIT!!

Have a fantastic day 🙂 And if you haven’t read this already, you should read Nick’s blog today on Lasting Change  🙂 It’s brilliant…and you can DEFINITELY do it!


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