Paleo Challenge: day 9!

“If I could fit my face in here, I would lick this bowl clean…”


I had a taste yesterday of what it might be like to be either a work from home woman, or a stay at home gf/wife/mother….and oddly, I loved it! I got a lot done yesterday, and cooked all three meals (usually its much more shared than that). My favorite part, though, of the day? When Nick said if he could drink/lick his plate clean, he would 🙂 Yes! I have never felt very advanced in the culinary skill area of my life, but yesterday I felt PRETTY damn good 🙂 Which was only helped along when Nick told me how impressed he was of me later on in the evening. 🙂

For dinner I made a mexicali chicken. What you need: skinless chicken breasts (preferably free range chicken), organic (all natural, meaning you know what all the ingredients are!) Dijon mustard, all natural salsa (again, do you know what every single ingredient is?), and a lime. I put some olive oil in our cast iron skillet and turned the heat up to medium-high until the oil was good and hot. While that was heating up, I slathered mustard on one side of the chicken, smoothed it out. Once the oil is hot, put the chicken, face down in the pan. Cook for about 4 minutes, while thats cooking, slather mustard on upward side, and flip after 4 minutes. At this point, I juiced a lime into the salsa, mixed it up, and poured it all over the chicken. Cook on medium now until sauce starts to thicken, about 6-8 minutes. When you serve it on a plate, cube some cold, creamy avocado on top of the chicken….seriously…amazing.

Also made the mousse like I said I would. It was like eating FROSTING!!! Nick had a hard time believing that there was NO sugar at all in there, just avocado, dates, carob powder and sea salt (I was supposed to put in all natural vanilla extract, but I forgot…can’t imagine how good it would have been if I hadn’t forgot!). Then I sliced some banana on top (after chilling the mousse all day) and some blueberries. Felt like I was being SERIOUSLY sinful 🙂 However…all good stuff in there! There was NOTHING about this meal that made me feel like I was on a diet of any kind…nothing.

Did a small workout at home last night. I was SUPER sore from the two previous days still. So I did 30 pushups, 30 pullups (modified on a bar in my attic), lunges across one length of the house, 20 squats and tabata situps (with my lowest number of situps in the 20 second period being 9). Broke a good sweat, but I may have killed myself at crossfit last night.

Is anyone reading this doing 100% Paleo by any chance? I would love some imput. I would love if you have already finished the 30 days, and to know whether you have noticed a huge difference. I’m still struggling with the lack of oatmeal in my life, LOL! I literally woke up this morning and said, “I could really go for a bowl of oatmeal right now.” While I enjoy the meals we’re having, I like that bowl of warm something in the morning….and I miss the almond butter in it, hahaha. I think I have a problem…Nick actually put my bottle of probiotics in FRONT of the almond butter in the fridge so I would remember to take it for once. Guess what? I remembered today…I have almond butter on the brain!

I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday everyone 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂



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