Paleo Diet: 1/3 done!

I Love Wednesdays!!!!

I get to wake up, hang out with my favorite man, have an amazing breakfast, and then he drops me off at the train station 🙂 It’s a great start to the day!!


Well, we have OFFICIALLY made it a third of the way through this challenge! 10 DAYS! Have there been any slip ups? No…however, I did dream about eating a rather gigantic bowl of whole wheat spaghetti heaping with a thick, meaty red sauce. Yes…I think I just slipped into a craving coma…might have drooled a little… I’ll be fine.

This morning for breakfast Nick made a huge skillet of potatoes, and another huge skillet of cage free organic eggs (loaded with omega 3’s), scrambled with green peppers and yellow squash. Breakfast was freakin’ fantastic! I got to have my coffee…but with almond butter (I would typically erase this faux pas when rereading what I just wrote…but this is an example of my possible need for help when it comes to almond butter…its ALWAYS on the brain!! I meant almond milk…) and honey. Maryjane told me about a sweet (as in cool..not sugary) replacement for creamer. Its called mimic creme. They supposedly sell it in Whole Foods Market. I think I will at least look into this more. The main ingredients seem to be cashews and almonds, so maybe I’ll try blending up some cashews with almond milk and see how that goes!

For lunch I’m going to have the rest of that crazy salad I had yesterday from Sebastian’s. Also, another reason I love Wednesdays…Nick made me a snack pack 🙂 haha. Love life 🙂

So last night I decided I was going to go to Crossfit…the workout looked SUPER fun! I got there, met up with Bethany, and quickly discovered it was a Level 1 class instead of the “regular” level 2&3 class. This meant, no fun workout. Instead though, I got to work on my KIPPING PULLUPS!! And guess what?!!?!?! I didn’t get a whole one…I know you just got a litttttle too excited….but I DID bend my arms about half way…which is about (i dont’ know the percent it would be) A LOTTTT more than I had done before!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! Soon I will be pounding out kipping pullup after kipping pullup!! It’s like double unders…now I can do them quite often (still with singles in between, but hey! thats still awesome!). Maybe it will just click one day.

So anyway, (I digress) I walked into the Level 1 all disappointed because I really wanted to do the other workout…and I was afraid I wouldn’t get as good of a workout in Level 1. This was my fourth day in a row, by the way, of doing a workout (I have never even done 4 days in a WEEK yet..let alone 4 in a row!!). So the workout is as follows: 3 rounds of: 200m row, 30 ft of walking lunges, 10 jumping pullups. Seems easy right? Ha! I worked hard during that workout, and during our stretching…in the middle of a sentence that I was saying to Bethany, I looked at her and said, “I think I’m going to get sick.” Yes…I almost puked from a workout…a Level 1 workout. It’s as HARD as you MAKE IT!

Tonight is going to be my rest night, and I will be attending a workshop on “Your Ideal Weight NOW!” put on by Dr. Jesse Davis this evening!! If you’re on the northshore, come check it out!! All the info is in the link! 😀

Oh! and Happy Birthday to my MOM!!!!! Love you mom 🙂

Have a fantastic day!! I know that mine started off perfectly 🙂 Talk to you soon 🙂


3 thoughts on “Paleo Diet: 1/3 done!

  1. Don Wiss says:

    Potatoes!? Potatoes are not paleo. While we do cook our food, to be paleo the food has to be edible raw, and potatoes are toxic if not cooked. I also do not consider coffee to be paleo. It comes from a bean. If you need a caffeine fix I suggest tea. (Caffeine as you know is addictive, but it only takes a few days of being caffeine-free to get over it.)

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      hey 🙂 thanks for the comment. I know potatoes are not paleo, however, we chose to keep them. There are many different levels of intensity that people go to when eating paleo. Some people eat copious amounts of meat, and then fast for 24-36 hours..I’m not going to do that either. I’m doing this to be healthier than I was before…and mostly to see which foods were bothering my stomach this most. Potatoes do not bother my stomach, and I like them, and so I am keeping them. But thank you for the comment 🙂
      As for coffee…to me, its more about what I was putting IN my coffee. I needed cream and sugar to like coffee…and I just can’t do it black. So while I’ve been doing this challenge, I have been using almond milk and honey. Honey is to some people not paleo, and to other it is…so I say do what makes you feel the best, and go from there.

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