Paleo is delicious: Recipes for YOU!

I had some requests for the actual recipe for the Raw Chocolate Mousse, not just a list of the ingredients…so here goes 🙂

This makes enough for 2 people!

-2 avocados

-1 cup carob powder

-1 teaspoon sea salt

-1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract (I actually FORGOT this when I made it, and it was STILL delicious!)

-6 dates, soaked for 2-3 hours and then pitted.

THEN! You put all the ingredients into a food processor (using the S blade), and blend till smooth (you can add some water to the mix for the consistency you so desire!). I chilled it for the afternoon and thought it tasted even better after a few hours of being in the fridge! Then top with assorted fruits (bananas and blueberries are what I used, but I bet raspberries or strawberries would rock my world!) then serve! Yum!

Also, the other night, Nicholas made a huge batch of soup for us (that we’re STILL eating 🙂 ) It’s completely Paleo, and ridiculously delicious! He does a full tutorial here for you. “Chicken Soup for the Paleo Soul”.

Also, you can get the full write-up here.

 Bon appetite!

For Crossfit last night:

Did 80 overhead squats with 35#. I know I have done overhead squats with 55# before, and I started with 45# but struggled to get down into squat position even once! I think I’m still super sore from doing 4 days in a row this week..yikes. Need to remember to give my body some time to rest! However, I did 80 reps of that, so WOOT!! Then, after all that work to my shoulders holding that #35 up, we had to do max consecutive pushups. Now, let me just fill you in on a little nugget of information right now. When I started Crossfit on October 5 (almost 4 months ago now!!!), I STRUGGLED to do 10 pushups on my knees, and I could get about HALF way down (was not anywhere near full extension). Flash forward 3-4 months, and guess how many I did last night!!..WITH full extension!!!…….40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 40 FREAKIN’ PUSHUPS! So, needless to say, my shoulders are pretty sore today, and they will be all the more sore tomorrow!!

Woke up this morning and had a beautiful bowl of “Paleo Cereal” (some pecans, crushed walnuts, blueberries, bananas, flax seed all swimming in almond milk!!! so amazing!!), ate with my amazing BF, then headed to Franson Family Chiropractic at 6:45am to have my POWER turned on!!! (adjusted :-p). I’m feeling AMAZING this morning!!! Could be in part that its Friday too :-p HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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