Once you stop looking…

…it WILL find you!

You can run...but you can't hide....

How many times have we been thrown this little gem of knowledge? I remember frantically searching my laundry covered bedroom floor for that overdue library book for hours with no such luck! As soon as I give up the hunt, sure enough, it is later found sitting on top of my bed as if some little gnome snuck in and placed it there to taunt me. As you get older, the quest for true love is often the reason for this word of wisdom. “You can’t hurry love, you’ll just have to wait”, “Once you stop looking for love, it will happen.” Trust me, I’ve heard them all. Sure enough, the second I stopped looking, thinking I would never truly be in love again…ta da!!

I do have a point…

This genius saying truly works in ALL aspects of life! Take this paleo challenge for one. During these 30 days, we are not to drink ANY alcohol, dairy or grains. So, of COURSE, the one place you would almost be CERTAIN you would be safe from that sort of tease would be the gym right??? WRONG! A week into the challenge, after a pretty difficult workout, we had a crossfit party. There was a “Crossfit Games” video playing, a buffet of paleo friendly treats, and of course…a case of FREE beer. Fast forward to this past Saturday evening. Nick and I drove into the city to meet up with a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in MONTHS. We decided to meet up at Grezzo (a raw food “Italian” restaurant in the North End of Boston) so that we could have some raw dessert! We step inside through the doors of the incredibly “intimate” restaurant, practically hovering over the customers at the table closest to us. The waitress told us our table would be ready very soon. 10 minutes go by. “I’m sorry, it really will be available very shortly.” Another 5 minutes go by. Then she comes back to drop the bomb.

“You all have been so patient for waiting. We are going to buy you a round of drinks.”

There was an instant reaction from Nick. A slow swivel of his head toward me, and two words, “That’s two.”

THEN! Oh yes..there is more. Sunday, while at the coffee shop where I was writing “Starbucks for the Soul”, I was doing all I COULD to not break down and buy a muffin. I was feeling stressed, and for some reason I felt like that would have helped. However, I resisted. Two hours go by of me minding my own business; releasing stress in a healthy, productive way. Then comes the bomb.

“We’re starting to close up, and I was wondering, would you like a muffin? It’s free. We have raspberry and blueberry left.” I laughed, literally…the irony is RIDICULOUS!

“Ah…haha…ahhhhhh…um…no thanks.” Phew!

So the moral to this long-winded tale: It really IS true…Once you stop looking, it finds you!!!


2 thoughts on “Once you stop looking…

  1. Alexis Girvan says:

    Awesome Discipline Lovely!!! — Great work! and seriously… that’s always how it works. You resolve to stay committed to something, and test number one pops up – just to see if you are seroius =)

    Keep it up lady! When do we get to work out together?

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      haha, yeah, its a cruel, cruel test. It does, however, prove (most importantly to yourself!) that you are TRULY committed to something!
      I’m going to workout this week: Wednesday night (either 6 or 7), Thursday night and Friday 6am 🙂 What about you??

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