“Take a chill pill, man!”

“Don’t let it affect your allostatic load, Jen”. These are the sweet nothings that were whispered to me last night. Yes, this occasional (but not typical) bedtime talk may be a little different than at your house, but then again, maybe not!

I was tossing and turning last night. With each clump of minutes that went by, my heart rate would skyrocket out of frustration. Why?? you ask! I was effing ANNOYED with being so STILL!!!! I got home last night and was literally bouncing off the walls. You could literally SEE the energy swirling around me. I was going bonkers. Think about a dog that has not been exercised (or think of Marley from the movie, Marley and Me) and think about how they are constantly going APE SHIT! That (!) is how I felt last night.

Holy jeez...simmer down!

After dinner Nick and I literally started wrestling. It was hilarious, and awesome, and fun…and I’m sure a large part due to the fact that I was expelling tons of ENERGY that needed to be burned! It felt awesome…but I guess it just wasn’t enough. When it was time to go to bed, I couldn’t. I felt so frustrated, so built up, but didn’t know why…I just wanted to cry or scream or punch something! Nick suggested I literally try counting sheep, which I did, and worked…but then something woke me up and I grew really frustrated all over again.

A few weeks ago now, something changed in my job. I had prayed for more work for like a YEAR, and I finally got that! I am grateful for that. YAY! However, with this increase in work load, and the switching around of responsibilities between my coworker and I, there all of a sudden was an exponential increase in the amount of time I spent “sitting on my ass.” Like all day. A week ago I started to REALLY feel the effects of this. I started to feel SUPER stressed about work, I started having major pain in my lower back, and honestly for the first time in almost 2 years, I actually dreaded coming to work. Not because of the people or the increase in work, but because it literally HURTS to.

Stress isn't just emotional. Not moving, for example, or eating toxic foods are physical stressors...your body can't really tell the difference..stress is stress!

Thank goodness I have a boyfriend who recognizes why this would bother me so much!! He realizes that if he were doing this everyday, he would be going absolutely bat shit crazy too! So, instead of crying about it (which I literally have done a few times now), I need to change something.

Today, instead of taking the T to work from North Station, I walked. Cold or not, suck it up Nancy. Then, on my lunch, instead of staying in here and eating my lunch, I took a nice stroll for my lunch hour. Also got in a nice chat with my dad, 2 birds right there! I plan on walking back to North Station tonight, and I know I have an awesome workout in store for me at Crossfit tonight. I’m going to have to make sure I’m moving my body everyday now, I guess I’ve gotten to the point where I am less and less comfortable doing NOTHING. That is a good thing.

Excited to get back to Crossfit tonight (I haven’t been since Thursday!). tonight’s WOD:

– Ring Dips (I will be using a band. That’s still awesome though…still HARD!)
– Box Jumps
15 Minute Time Limit

I’ll let you know tomorrow how I did!! Have a good night!


2 thoughts on ““Take a chill pill, man!”

  1. fransonfamilychiropractic says:

    loled again, i can’t believe you put up our “pillow talk” ha!! I guess it is a bit more PG (or PHD) than some ;-P i’m so sensitive!

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