The Biggest Reason You SHOULDN’T Be Afraid to Fail!

Many of lifes failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. -Thomas Edison (failed at designing a functioning model for the light bulb 1000 times. What if he had given up on try 999?)

This is an excerpt from a book I’m reading, “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” by Gary Keller (Ever heard of Keller Williams? :-p):   

“Fear of failure is so common it even has its own phobia- Kakorrhaphiophobia (“Kak-or-rhaph-io-pho-bia”). The problem, for some of us, is that overcoming our fear of failure, especially public failure, is very difficult to accomplish.   

When I was a child, my parents had a framed print across from my bedroom called Portrait of an Achiever. Below that title was this list:   

– 1832 Failed in business- bankruptcy   

-1832 Defeated for legislature   

-1834 Failed in business- bankruptcy   

-1835 Fiancée died   

-1836 Nervous breakdown   

-1838 Defeated in election   

-1843 Defeated for U.S. Congress   

-1848 Defeated for U.S. Congress   

-1855 Defeated for U.S. Senate   

-1856 Defeated for Vice President   

-1858 Defeated for U.S. Senate   

Had you stopped there, you would have missed the final point.   

-1860 Elected President of the United States of America.   

The subject, of course, was Abraham Lincoln. What a great message: You CAN NOT fail unless you QUIT!   

If there is anything that history bears out, it is that failure almost ALWAYS precedes SUCCESS!”   

It’s funny that this book is geared toward being the best real estate agent you can be, but how well does this message apply to life in general! ? You have tried a million diets, they all didn’t work, but then diet one million and one you adopt as your lifestyle, and it sticks (and changes your LIFE!). You date a hundred “jerks”, then man/woman 101 comes along and thats it, you’ve found the “one”. You apply to 50 jobs, get turned down for every single one…you get discouraged, but then you get an interview for resume 51, and you land your dream job.   

Failure almost ALWAYS precedes SUCCESS!!! Set your bar high and watch all those smaller goals fly by!!   


Loved Crossfit last night!! We did a ladder (sets of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) of ring dips and box jumps, and a challenge of a vertical jump (took me 5:50 min to complete the WOD, and had a 15″ best vertical jump). First of all, the warm up was my least favorite, but thats only because I have a phobia or something of front rolls. Bethany thinks its HILAROUS when I do them because everyone else in the world seems to be able to roll forward in a straight line, but I somehow end up rolling on my side into fetal position (although I must say last night was MUCH better than it has been). Then we did bear crawls back to the beginning of the line, and then did a box jump course..yippee!!  

Anyway, the workout was short and sweet…but killer! Since it was such a short workout, we got to ask for help on anything we felt we needed work on. I jumped RIGHT on that and asked for help kipping. I’m getting soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close guys!! AHH! Drives me NUTS! I wasn’t able to bend my arms at ALL before and now I get them to a 45 degree I just need to incorporate the actual KIP and get my ass up there!Soon! 🙂 I feel it coming! Also, I never thought I would work out somewhere where I was advised to shave off my calluses…haha. I was working quite a bit on the bar last night, and the center of my hand started to get pretty raw. One of the girls there last night showed me her hands, YIKES!! There were huge open CRATERS of raw skin in the middle of her hands because she didnt’ shave off her calluses. I will be sure to be doing that! I don’t need my hands looking like this!:

 Then, when I was practicing last night, I felt this weird POP in my left middle finger (the digit closest to the palm of my hand). It was all swollen. I started kind of massaging it a little, and felt this weird THING in it, like a swollen nerve or something…super bizarre. Nick had to adjust my middle finger last night, haha. The pains of being super bad ass :-p LOL 

Anyway! Happy Thursday everyone, the weekend IS a COMIN’! Oh, and ps: today is my Dad’s birthday…he’s pretty awesome 🙂 Talk to you tomorrow! xoxo  




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