May Your Max Weight Be Heavy, and Your Heart Be Light…

Wow. I’m feeling PRETTTTTTY damn good right now. I started off my day by doing a killer workout that Nick made up for me, went into Franson Chiropractic to get adjusted and had the pleasure of seeing all kinds of wonderful, smiling faces there this morning. (ps: Alexis Girvan is an ANIMAL!!! She deadlifted 215 freakin’ POUNDS last night!!!)

Then! I got to work and checked my email and had all kinds of amazing, warm fuzzy comments in my inbox! How could this day NOT be amazing!! Its Friday, the sun is shining, I listened to some Tenacious D on the walk in and thought about Nick singing it to me on our first date, I feel loved, I’ve moved my body today and I feel strong, and I get to see my girls tonight (hot tub, Thai food, girly movies and shopping…yeah, I know…it WILL be amazing!)! It’s ALL good!

So let’s discuss last nights workout at Crossfit. It was a “Crossfit Total” workout. Yeah, I had no idea what that meant either. Here it is folks: we have three lifts that we have to accomplish, and we get 15 minutes for each. In that 15 minutes, you warm up for the lift, and then you have 3 OFFICIAL tries to get your absolute MAX weight. Since I had never done this before, I had no idea where to even BEGIN with reaching my max weight (I will tell you though that I thought I could at least deadlift my own weight…). So the “Total” part is that for each pound you lift, at your max, it is 1 point. At the end, you total all your points and it is put on a board…for all to see. The men were averaging high 700’s to high 800’s…women were in the 300’s and one of them was in the 400’s. So away I went…

So the first lift was the back squat. I don’t think I had even ever DONE the backsquat before last night, so I really had no clue how much I could do. I started with 85, no problem. Went up to 95, I was pretty pumped that I could do this. Then when I went up to 110, thinking that would be my max, I was pretty darn nervous. My heart was pounding…I kept shaking my arms, puffing air, hahaha..psyching myself up, hahaha. Did it!…but I think I could have done a little more actually! I only had 3 attempts though, so 110# it was.  (110 points)

Next, straight press. I was pretty nervous about this one too. I am aware that my weakness is in my upper body. Danny put me on a platform with another woman for this one. So, I’m used to starting with the 15# bar for my base, and adding weights to it from there…but she was using the, WHAT I THOUGHT, was the 45# bar. So right off, I tried “warming up” with what she had on there. She had 10’s on both side…so I’m thinking 65# to warm up. HAHAHA…it was at least comical. I think I got it as far as my eyeballs. So she continued to warm up on that, and I quietly removed all weight for my warm up, haha. So for my first official rep, I had 5’s on each side, thinking I was pressing 55#’s. Did it. Woot! Partner goes, add’s 15’s, NBD. Then I decide I’m going to put 2.5ers  on each side in addition to my 5’s…done! Up to 60! So for my third try I thought, well I’m warmed up enough now, I can do the 10’s on each side I bet. So I psych myself up, BIG TIME…puffing again, shaking it off, stepping up to the bar, then stepping back…getting in the mind-set. Ok Jen, you can do this…arrrrrrrrrghhhh….right side is all the way up..left side is still only to my eyeballs…I’m not giving up on this! Pushinggggg…pushing……BOOM! Both arms up. I put it down…turn and look at Nick, and he’s giving me a weird look (like he’s highly concerned)…Danny comes over “Nadeau…what was that?!” “It counts doesn’t it? I got it up!” “Um…no…that was a fail if ever I saw one” “But I got it up” It wasn’t pretty, I’ll admit…but COME ON! haha. Had to stay with the previous lift, didn’t count. THEN the SECOND blow comes! All along I’m thinking I just lifted 60 pounds!!! Nope, fail again miss Nadeau, it was only a 35# bar…eff. Subtract 10. (110+50= 160)

I think my lift may have even been MORE exaggerated than this. However, I did not have the excuse of a miniature gymnast on one side of my bar...

Finally, the dead lift. The one that I thought I would crush. We warmed up a bunch, and then I found one that I could STRUGGLE to get up and decided to start with that. So since that was still in warm up, I had to do it again OFFICIALLY. I step up, a little nervous (it was 135#). I get down in squat position, roll the bar back and forth (pretty nervous…heart pounding, haha), GO! I think I got it all of 1 inch off the dang floor. What the HECK, I JUST did this! So that was one attempt, wasted. Nick comes over and gives me some pointers..I wasn’t “hammy loading” enough. ass in the air sort of thing. So I try again…nothing. Danny comes over, “Jen, you can do this…” “But I just did it and failed” “You can do this, I’m going to coach you through it.” Little did I know that at this point my partner took off one of the 5# plates on one side, while I kept mine on. So I get into position, lift…struggle…still struggling…moving though..okay seeing….vision spotty…stumble back…UP!!!!!!!!!!!

“Why did you do that?” “Do what?” “Why did you stumble back?” “Um…because its heavy?” “Do you know what that means? It means that you have a BUNCH more weight that you can lift…your body is ready, but your head isn’t. It’s all in your head. If you were at your max there would be NO WAY you would be moving, let alone before you’re even all the way up!”

That blew my mind…I thought for sure there was no way I could lift more than that…but it makes sense doesn’t it?

At this point it’s time up, and I lifted 130# on the deadlift. (130+110+50=290). Everyone is putting their numbers up on the board, and I realize…I’m LITERALLY the only person in there that did NOT break 300. Then you have Ms. Alexis with 455!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was NUTS! I was legit the weakest person in that gym, all day. haha.

I got home, was really quiet…kept thinking about it for some reason. I’ll admit, I was sort of disappointed. I thought I could deadlift more than that. I wasn’t really bummed out though, just boggled. See here’s why: I’ve NEVER been the scrawny kid. Ever! I’m 5’9″…I’m not a TWIG…I’ve NEVER felt like I was “scrawny”. HAHA…last night was a first for me.

While I was a little surprised that I couldn’t lift more than that, it was the first time I had ever TRIED for my max, so now I have a starting point. I’ve learned that I really need to work on my press (upper body strength in general), and stop letting my head get in the way of my body’s mission.  

I woke up at like 2 this morning or something…and groaned. I LITERALLY felt like I had been hit by a truck. It was a weird workout last night…didn’t work up a sweat so I guess I didn’t feel like I would really FEEL it…let alone that night. However, lifting really heavy stuff will do that I guess :-p

Happiest of Friday’s everyone!! I’m SO looking forward to this weekend, and I hope all of you have an incredible weekend as well.



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