Warm Fuzzies!

For it being such a cold day, I have received a record amount of warm fuzzies today!

I just got back from a walk outside (in the FREEZING cold!) and I was listening to a song that ALWAYS makes me feel like vacation, and I was thinking I should PUBLICALLY declare my feelings of gratitude toward the little things. We often tell people that we love them, and that we appreciate them…and BIG things like being grateful for getting into grad school or going away to Aruba…but what about the little things?? Do we ever stop to thank the universe (or whatever else you want to refer to) for all those LITTLE things?? Well I’m about to right now!

~My purple chucks! I can’t believe that it took joined Crossfit to discover that I loved these things!!!

~ The song “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie

This was the song I was referring to that makes me feel like I’m on vacation!

~#2 Pencils I just LOVE the way they smell, and the way I feel more PRODUCTIVE when I have one in my hand!

~A fresh sheet of paper. There is just something so amazing about the feeling of a full page of potential!


~Getting my hair done at the salon! 🙂  

~Reading trashy magazines at (specifically) Barnes and Noble, while sipping on a Vanilla Soy Chai

~Bringing my laptop to a coffee shop. I could spend hours just on facebook…but there is just something about being at a coffeeshop that just FEELS good.

~15 extra minutes in the morning when I can sit down with a cup of coffee and chat with my mom

~A random conversation with a stranger

~Tulips and Gerber Daisys  It’s impossible to NOT be happy around them…they are the most happy looking flowers EVER!

~Notes from Nick  And he’s super awesome about that too. I find them EVERYWHERE! I once found one in my phone (I have a slide out)…he tucked it in where my keyboard is…love it.

  ~The FIRST Robin of the year. You know what that means!!! SPRING!

~Hot showers. I tend to stay in there as long as possible, just because it feels good.

~Burning candles    The just make a room feel more like home. When I first moved into the apartment with Nick, the first thing I did was light candles.

~”Tribute” by Tenacious D…during the “scatting” piece of the song. “Fliggagigu”. Nick busted it out on our first date…always makes me smile 🙂 Along with the song “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon, another one he sings to me a lot 🙂

  ~Bedtime. Always the best conversations, and the most laughter. I love it so much.

~ And here’s one that maybe A LOT of you have witnessed, which is secretly a guilty pleasure of mine: Falling asleep during movies


And I’m sure there are SOOO many more, but I realized the list was getting LONG. You know what though? You know what the best part of this post is? While you’re reading this, you’re probably either thinking about what makes YOU happy, or agreeing with some of mine because those are things that make you happy too…and most likely that means that you are happier now than you were 5 minutes ago.



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