Feelin’ the BURNNNNNNN

I think I'll have to do a WHOLE lot of THIS today!

Whoa MAMA! Bruuuuuuuutal workout last night!! It’s one of those days where Alexis would say “The sidewalk curbs are looking high today”. It was not so fun going down stairs. My quads are KILLING me, my hamstrings are crying and my abs are feeling the burnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Obviously Nick is pretty sore too since I literally had to flip him into his spot in the bed last night at about 1:30, hahaha, it was pretty hilarious. 

The workout: 

4 rounds of: 50 squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 pushups. I got through 3 FULL rounds, did the 50 squats and got through 15 sit-ups on the 4th round before the 15 minute time limit was up. So total: 200 squats, 105 sit-ups, 60 pushups…in 15 minutes. I love when we do a workout that is so tough, that as soon as the time limit is up, everyone claps and cheers. You KNOW you just did a good workout when that happens 🙂 

Before we actually did that workout, however, we did 3 rounds of five reps of deadlifts. There were three of us in my group, and two of us did all our rounds at 105 (so that means lifting 105 pounds 15 times! NOT an easy task may I add!). One of my group members wanted to up it, so she boosted it to 125. Of course I wanted to try! So I did three of those!) Now here’s what BAFFLES me! The other night when we did Crossfit Total, I could BARELY STRUGGLE to get 130 off the ground ONCE! Does anyone find this odd??? I did 125 THREE times last night…I could BARELY do 130 ONCE the OTHER night…. yeah…doesn’t match up. Also, on Monday night we did 3 rounds of 5 reps of presses. I did 45#’s for those….but I struggled to do one max rep at 50 pounds the other night….weird. I guess I was just having a weak night, OR, like Nick said…I had not found my max before, so it was psychological. I didn’t think I could do as much as I could. 

Croître l'amour, avec du café

It’s Wednesday! So that means I’m in a fantastic mood because I had my weekly morning date with Nicholas 🙂 I LOVE Wednesdays!! Talking in bed, having coffee and breakfast made while I get ready (oh MAN was breakfast amazing today! and I get the rest for LUNCH!!). Today was great because we slept in a little longer than usual, but we still made the time to just sit, drink coffee and talk. I love my life 🙂 

Keeping it short and sweet this morning. I hope you have a FANTASTIC Wednesday!! The weekend is RIGHT around the corner 🙂 

Thanks for listening xoxo 🙂


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