A Cluster@#&% of Thought…

"You can choose to say, 'Good morning, God' or 'Good God, morning" ~Blackalicious


Top 5 things that will ALWAYS wake you up early in the morning:

5) Coffee

4) Sub-zero temperatures

3) Some love

2) A shower                                                                            

1) Crossfit…specifically punching yourself in the nose at Crossfit with a barbell that weighs 45# (happened this morning…get your HEAD out of the WAY!)

I took a day off from Crossfit yesterday, SUPER sore! Decided I was going to go in this morning at 6am. It was a struggle for sure. I wanted to get up at 5am; layed in bed for a little bit. Got OUT of bed at 5:20, got some things together for the day and was out the door by 5:55am! 😀 I’m really glad I went this morning. We worked on (something I’ve going to get VERY good at) DEADLIFTS….AGAIN! We worked on presses and push presses as well! I pressed 45#’s again, 9 times. OBVIOUSLY my max isn’t 50#’s then…

So it’s Thursday…I got my three days of Crossfit in already by 7am this morning…and this is my last FULL day of work for the week! I get out at noon tomorrow to head to the GREAT WHITE NORTH with Nick! Oh boy, he doesn’t even know what he’s in for! 🙂 We plan on doing a workout together up there on Sunday, so that will be 4 this week!!! I feel like I’m really seeing some changes in my body, which is really exciting! I’m not going to lie, I’m liking my butt more everyday 🙂 That’s a VERY new thing for me. Let’s see, what else is AWESOME about today? When I was coming up the stairs to our deck, the sun was JUST coming up, and it was BRIGHT orange. It was GORGEOUS. When I got inside the house, the whole kitchen was flooded with that bright orange color, and there was a note on the table telling me how much someone AWESOME loves me 🙂 I actually had enough time to do Crossfit, get ready, make my lunch, dry my hair AND leave my house with enough time to park on Bow Street and walk to the train, INSURING that I would not be towed OR have a ticket on my car tonight! 😀 Tonight…oh tonight!!, I am going to a REAL ESTATE meeting for RealPro (I’m pumped about that, I get to get right in on the ground floor and see what’s up!) and then a girl’s night with my chicas right after 🙂 It’s going to be a busy one, but I can’t complain…life is awesome 🙂

You know you want to!!

Thanks for listening, xoxo


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