The Long Trek to the Bou’

Long Lake in Madawaska, Maine

Today I have a half day here at work. I’m leaving at noon so that Nick and I

can make our 7 hour drive to the great Northern Maine woods. My dad is holding his 10th annual fishing derby with the guys, and wanted Nick to join this year. So he seems pretty excited about getting to ice fish for the first time, and I’ve heard the derby gets pretty crazy every year. In 2006, my second cousin caught a world record “land locked salmon with the use of a tip up trap” right in front of my family’s camp on Long Lake! This is where the fishing derby will be, so hopefully Nick catches something GOOD!


While I was thinking about all of this this morning, I was ALSO thinking how so many people don’t really know a whole lot about Caribou, Maine. Many people hear Caribou, Maine and have an idea that it is waaaaaaaaay the heck up there! That is true! Caribou is about 16 miles from the Canadian border! Does that mean I had my first public drink of alcohol at 18? No…the part of Canada that I was closest to has a legal drinking age of 19…so I did then!! 

I digress… 

While I was thinking that many people don’t know all that much about Caribou, I realized that I don’t even know ALLLL that much about Caribou. So the nerd in me took to the search engines. Wanna learn a little about the Bou’?? Oh come on…humor me! 🙂 


A little bit of perspective!

~Caribou, Maine is technically a CITY (ha). However, not ONLY is it a city, but it is THE MOST Northeastern city in the whole COUNTRY!!! Now there are more northeastern towns in the country than Caribou…but we’re talking “cities” here. 

~There are about 8300 people who live in Caribou. 

~Back in the 1800’s, Northern Maine used to actually be a part of Massachusetts! 

Cool People from the ‘Bou

Senator Susan Collins


Senator Susan Collins was born and raised in Caribou. She still has her office in Caribou, and her brother still owns the towns largest lumber yard. 

In 1984, Joe W. Kittenger, made the first ever SOLO transatlantic hot air balloon crossing. Where did this departure take place???? CARIBOU of course!! 

Our public library only exists today with due thanks to Mr. Andrew Carnagie. He granted us $10,000 in 1911 to build the library. 

For a little bit of fun for you comic book nerds; Dredmund the Druid (a Marvel villain) was actually “born” in Caribou! You can read more about it HERE. Funny enough, “Nick Fury” is Dredmund the Druid’s ENEMY! Ok, enough about that. 

Cool Weather in the ‘Bou 

This picture was actually taken IN Caribou...ugh.

Well, just to let you know what us northern Mainers had to deal with every winter…its 4 degrees up there today! 

In the winter of 2007-2008, there was a RECORD snowfall of 197.8 inches of SNOW! 

A record low for the month of February falls to NEGATIVE 41 degrees…yeah…that’s a tad bit nippy! 





Cool Farming in the ‘Bou 

Spud Harvesting


In the 1960’s, Caribou was the WORLD’S LARGEST potato shipping hub!!! 

Every year, there are about 60,000 ACRES of potatoes planted and harvested! (mainly Russets!) 

Aroostook Country (the state of Maine’s largest county, and also Caribou’s home) is the largest grower of broccoli on the east coast (and the second largest crop in Caribou). 

There are about 280 potato farms in Caribou. 

Factoid: Back in the day, the schools used to give the students 3 weeks off from school to pick potatoes and help out the farmers. Today, out of the 280 potato farms, only a few of them still handpick and use students. HOWEVER, the schools STILL have the three weeks off from school! 

Caribou’s Delicacy: Fiddleheads. These are usually picked in the spring along riverbeds. All I know is that my dad gets WAY too excited about Fiddlehead season. I don’t personally enjoy them. 

So yeah!! That’s a little about the town I was born and raised in 🙂 Can’t WAIT to see my family!Thanks for listening 🙂 xoxo


One thought on “The Long Trek to the Bou’

  1. Denise Hughes says:

    What a small world! LOVE your positive voice and was curious where your part of northern Maine was as I read your posts from the beginning…well my mom’s fam is ALL over northern ME! They had a camp on LL, aunt has one in Baker Lake, uncle worked in Madawaska, and family in Presque Isle, (use to) Caribou, Frenchville and most in Fort Kent!! And others spread south all the way to Portland. NOBODY here in DC knows any of these cool little Maine towns!! Keep doing what you’re doing, found your blog a couple months ago and your super positive voice is sometimes my kick in the pants OUT of negativity 🙂 And congrats on your engagement, so romantic!!

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