Growth Spurt?

Lil' bit of a rough morning...

Today was one of those days that did NOT start off so wonderfully unfortunately. I had a terrible dream; the kind of dream that sticks with you all day long because it’s as if your brain can not tell the difference between real life and a dream. Seeing a family member you love die beneath the weight of a HUGE barn, and then to wake up crying will, without doubt,  put a damper on your morning (hey, I never said it would be lighthearted!).

So anyway, due to my zombie like mindset this morning, I missed not ONE, but two trains (it can be done). I came in an hour and fifteen later than usual (I wasn’t in trouble, I used a comp hour…), only to find out that in 3 hours I would be boarding the train once again only to turn around and go home. Yippee!! 2.5 hour work day! First thing that came to mind was: “I’m feeling pretty “off” today, I can’t WAIT to go lift some heavy shit at Crossfit!!” With enthusiasm I pulled up the NorthShoreCrossfit website only to find that they are closed today due to inclement weather. Really? reaaallllyyy? What the heck am I going to do now??? Now let me let YOU in on how often, when stressed, I am CRAVING to lift some “heavy shit”. Like NEVER! So the one day that that is literally all I can think about…my source is cut off. Now this is why I called this post “Growth Spurt?” Am I ACTUALLY starting to REALLY understand the necessity for movement everyday, but ESPECIALLY to deal properly with stress? Am I actually seeing that exercise is the best and really ONLY way to TRULY deal with stress? Is my body actually recognizing this on its own? Whoa.

So, an alternative to lifting heavy shiz today? 100 burpees for time baby. The last time I did this there was a 15 minute time limit and I only got 90 done in the 15 minutes. I’m going to see if I can rectify THAT situation today! 100 burpees in under 14 minutes is what I’m going to strive for! I’ll keep you posted :-p

So snow day today, with not a drop of snow yet on the ground… Sounds like a great day to sweat and clean 🙂 Cleansing for the soul…. 🙂


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