So I think I told more people at work the name of the workout I was going to

American Gladiators...pretty Nasty!

be doing last night, than I EVER have…   Why?? Because it was called NASTY GIRLS!! Sounds suuuuper B.A! (bad ass…). Well, I don’t think me EXPLAINING the workout would do it justice, SO! I’m going to post the FIRST EVER Crossfit video I ever watched!! (which happens to be three Nasty Girls doing Nasty Girls to the song… guessed right..NASTY GIRLS!!)  I remember sitting at work, watching this video this past fall, and thinking that Crossfit was a little scary, but super bad ass, and I wanted to be part of it! So without further ado: Nasty Girls!

Oh and ps: We actually got to kick the workout off last night with this song!! It was awesome!

Derby Dames..super Nasty!! I have this serious fascination with roller derby, because I'm secretly DYING to do it!!!

So now that I have you thinking I’m SUPER impressive with my mad skills…I have to come clean. I cannot do a muscle up yet people..haha (those crazy things they did in the middle of the workout on the rings). However, last night I was told I shouldn’t do the pullups and ring dips (the modification for a muscle up: for everyone 1 muscle up, you do 3 pull ups and 3 ring dips) AT ALL because of my crazy bicep muscle. So on Monday night we did Fran…it was 21, 15,9 of pullups and thrusters. Sounds innocent enough, but I almost threw up that night. Later, however, I started noticing that my left bicep hurt more than the usual sore. It got worse over the next couple days…and last night it looks like POPEYE’S arms (at least I thought it did)! So, Danny said no pullups and dips for me. Here’s the funny part. I follow it up with, “How about I do pushups?” “No, I would rather you omit those all together, just squats and hang cleans”. “Maybe ring rows?” “Nothing Jen”. The funny part about this is: who the hell AM I?! I would have taken a “break” and ran with it like crazy in the past…but I actually realllly wanted to do SOMETHING for that part of the workout. I felt like I was pouting about it, hahaha. Wow…things can change.

Oh and about those muscle-ups. I can’t do one yet, as I stated, however Nick can! And babe, if you’re reading this…yummmmm 🙂 niiiiiiiiice 🙂 Yeah, I said it.

Michelle Rodriguez...BAD ASS!!

So anyway…my arm is still sore today, but I’m glad I didnt’ do more pullups last night…that would not have been good for ANYTHING! I am ALSO super glad I went to the workout and did something last night, instead of staying home all together because of my arm. So yeah, I can’t wait till the NEXT time we do Nasty Girls so I have MY chance to be a Nasty Girl!! WOOOOOT!!


6 thoughts on “NASTY GIRLS!!!

  1. Kendra says:

    Jenn, YOU ARE A NASTY GIRL!!!!! I love this post this was the first video I watched too and I thought the same damn thing! Its also my favorite song and I left it for you cause a little birdie told me you liked it too!


    • nadeaujl5 says:

      You friggin rock!! you are DEFINITELY a nasty girl 🙂 Give me another year Kendra, then we can go toe to toe, hahahahaha. That song DOES rock!! As soon as it started playing I was AMPED!! 😀

  2. nadeaujl5 says:

    John’s wife right?? I remember him saying his wife did that…jealllllousssss!!! I actually went up to a group of them in a bar one night (I could tell bc they all had their outfits on), and they took my picture and told me to try out in November. Soooo tempted!!! Crossfit would totally help me with that :-p

    • fransonfamilychiropractic says:

      I remember that, you’d be great babe! Crossfit will definitely get you ready for the rink. You’re posts are awesome Jen, keep up the good work!

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