Warning: Flash Floods of Love!!!

 Okay, so I know I’m a little late for Valentine’s Day mushy love stuff :-p but I don’t have a CLUE what is going on with me lately…but I am feeling SO much love and happiness that I literally feel like whenever more love is thrown at me, I overflow a little. Last night, while laying in bed, I said “I’m just so happy” as my voice cracked a little. Yes…cheesy…but I beat you to the punch last night when I voiced that I seriously needed to get a grip!

Valentines Day was beautiful. Sunday morning date, planning our trip to California (in 2 weeks!!!), and to end the evening, we decided to go to home church that a couple of our friends were putting on. The topic of the evening was going to be all about love. After the delicious dinner we all shared together, we sat in a big group and watched quietly as a clip from “Les Miserables” played on a laptop. My eyes started flooding up. Then we got into the meat of church, songs were sung (teared up), and prayers were spoken (teared up). Poor Bethany, after church I went up to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and got all emotional on her, Jesse too…Today someone at work told me an incredible Valentines Day story, and I nearly cried, it was so adorable! I mean, I am FULLY aware that I am typically a sensitive sap, but lately, it’s been even out of MY range of “normal”. YES…I need to get a grip! However, I guess there could be worse things :-p…haha.

Maybe its a perpetual cycle. As Nick stated last night, “Most of the time when it comes to love, you get what you put in.” The more love that I get, the more I put out, and the more I put out, the more I get. Want to feel some love? Give some love!


Yesterday for a workout, there was only one class all day at Crossfit. I realllly wanted to do the workout though, so I did it at home. It was “Angie”.

100 pullups

100 squats

100 pushups

100 situps

Sound nuts?! It was interesting. The squats and situps, not a problem…pushups, I swear I couldn’t feel that I even OWNED arms near the end of them. Pullups: hahaha…I think once I hit 30 I was doing 1-2 at a time..it was a long 100. I finished all 400 reps in 22:43. I’m going to say that’s NOT TOO BAD!!

Have a freakin’ FANTASTIC day today. Give a little love, and you’ll get some in return 😀


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