Is There Another Option?

A plant is great at communicating, almost immediately, when it is missing something it needs to THRIVE. It is not always so obvious with us. It could take us YEARS to start "wilting"

Yesterday, being Saturday, was the PERFECT day. Got a good night’s sleep and woke up early with the sun streaming into the bedroom. By 8:50am we were out the door, dressed in gym gear and Chucks. The weekend Crossfit classes are typically MUCH more intense than during the week, and usually accomplished in a group. Living up to this promise, we were to accomplish as a team the following:

Together as a team we are to run 400m

200 45# thrusters (remember this is as a team of 4 before you have a heart attack)

400 situps

150 kettlebell swings

300 box jumps

150 ring rows

400m run

NUTS huh? Thanks Crosbie 🙂 HOWEVER, it get’s better!! All the while, one of the teammates is to be holding a 45# plate. It CAN NOT touch the ground…and someone had to be holding it when we ran as well.

Let me tell you, after it took us 45 minutes to complete, we were DEAD! What better way to freakin’ start a Saturday morning though!! How many people can say they did all that before 10am!?

After the workout, Nick and I went home to make a HUGE breakfast. Nick made almond pancakes (almond flour, gluten free), we had mango chicken sausage, and I made “paleo” ceral (nut, raisins, fruits, almond milk). The sun was warm and bright, so it was the perfect morning to sit out on our deck and eat 🙂 Which led to the conversation that inspired this blog.

I started talking about how once you really know something, there is no other option any longer. By this I mean: now that I know what eating processed foods will do to my body, I could NEVER go back to a life of eating those on a regular basis, EVER! Does that mean that I don’t occasionally indulge in a cupcake (my kryptonite), or that I’ll NEVER dig into a piece of lasagna..heck no. You know why? Because they’re freakin’ delicious. I do, however, know that my body was NOT designed to eat that sort of food, and that there may or may not be consequences later. I do know that eating that sort of thing sends my body into shock and sounds the alarms. Is this the sort of thing I want to be doing to my body on the regular? NO! It’s just NOT an option! I could NEVER just say, you know what? I want to eat pizza whenever I want…I deserve it! I work hard, I have been a good person. Doesn’t a GOOD person deserve to eat what they want? Sorrrrrry guys, your body doesn’t look at it that way. Pizza moves you AWAY from health, cupcakes move you away from health, those “healthy” breads, milks and lean cuisines MOVE YOU AWAY FROM HEALTH! I just couldn’t all of a sudden start, I don’t feel like working out anymore, I just want to start staying home, eating pasta in front of the TV every night and PRETEND like I don’t know that I’m SCREWING UP MY BODY!

People talk about how hard it is to get healthy. On the wall of the office where Nick works, there is a quote that says, “Health is simple. It’s just not easy.” How true is that? We all know what we need to do, but for some reason it seems so hard to accomplish. Don’t you think, however, that if you REALLLLLLY knew…if you really OWNED the consequences of your actions, that it would be a whole lot easier?

If you reallllly want to change your life for the good, permanently; find a community (I have always been interested in health and wellness, but it was amazing the growth and sustainability that occurred when I had a community of people in my life that made all this the “norm”), read some books (Nick is reading “Spark ” by John Ratey right now and swears everyone should read it. It’s next on my PILE of books I’m reading. “The Innate Diet and Natural Hygiene”, “Innate Physical Fitness and Spinal Hygiene”, “Innate State of Mind and Emotional Hygiene” all by Dr. James Chestnut), and think of your body as a temple (feed your body only nourishing foods; before you put something in your mouth, as Nick says, think “will this move me TOWARD health, or AWAY from health? If it is going to move you AWAY from health, step AWAY from the food! It’s not worth it guys…trust me.) Move your body the way it was designed to move. We need to exert our bodies every day; not always at max intensity, but we need to move in some way. As Dr. Franson says, “You only have to exercise on the days you eat”. Think about it, back in the day, the ONLY way you ate was if you CAUGHT that food, or picked it yourself. We didn’t have the luxury of sitting on our asses, on our couch, and ordering our groceries off of PeaPod and having them delivered to our door (does anyone else think this is HILARIOUS?!?! in a really terrible way? Seriously, it was at one point that we HAD to get SOME “exercise” to at least go get our groceries, but now we can order them online…) 

Now I’m not going to pretend like I’m perfect in any way, or that I have this ALLLLL FIGURED OUT! I don’t! There are DEFINITELY days when all I want is a dang cupcake (red velvet with cream cheese frosting perhaps?! :)). There are DEFINITELY days when I have NO interest in going to Crossfit. You know what though? I NEVER regret going to Crossfit, and I ALWAYS regret eating that damn cupcake..always. So, my questions for you are:

Is it really worth it?

Are you willing to take control of your health and learn more about what your body needs to THRIVE?

Are you willing to ignore the truth once you have it?

This is the biggest and most important. I promise you, once you really know, once you reallllly understand; you will NOT be able to ignore it. You will know the truth, and guys, THAT is the secret to everlasting health and wellness; to an everlasting sexy body; to the END of that yo-yo dieting; the end of that New Years resolution push to go to the gym and then quitting. Once you know the truth, you will NEVER have a problem sticking to the commitment of optimal health for yourself…

…there will be no other option.


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