You CAN Have Your “Cereal” and EAT IT TOO!

Paleo Cereal

Do you feel like it would be soooooooooooooo hard for you to switch to Paleo because you would miss your morning cereal? Well fear not any longer….do I have the solution for YOU!


Crunchy, salty and sweet. Fortified with vitamins and nutrients?? HELL NO!! We never took them out in the first place!!

So sit back, relax, and eat your morning cereal free of guilt 🙂

But now in all seriousness. Great ingredients for the cereal are as follows:











almond milk or RAW milk (unpasteurized)

dried apricots

flax seed

You do not need to do all of these together…as a matter of fact, it would be best if you didn’t. Number 1, that would be a hella expensive cereal! Number 2, all those nuts would make you feel like death later. Wayyyy too heavy for first thing in the morning. Stick to 2 nut varieties max!

Some tips:

If you use self picked blueberries like we did, which have been frozen since this past summer, they WILL freeze the milk! So! Nick started heating up the milk a little in a sauce pan, just enough to take the edge off. What you DON’T want (which I think you can actually see in the above picture) is little ice wrapped berries. Still delicious, but kind of painful, hahaha. OR! Take out the frozen stuff the night before 🙂 Voila!

My mom LOVVVVES her cereal in the morning, so I convinced her to try some of this stuff, and she LOVED it! Give it a try…you will NOT want to go back to your Crispex 🙂 Promise!

To see how it’s made in ACTION!: Check out Dr. Nick Araza’s video blog!


11 thoughts on “You CAN Have Your “Cereal” and EAT IT TOO!

    • beautifullystrong says:


      I have used a mix of both in the past! I LOVED dried, chopped apricots in my cereal, as well as raisins….HOWEVER, you got to be careful with dried fruit since it has a super high sugar content…so less is better 🙂

      • Kim says:

        I know 😦 But it’s nice on those mornings when I’m in a rush and no time to cook. I’m not a big fan of eating meat in the morning so- eggs is getting boring.

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