Vacation Weight?? Pssshhh….

Make exercise part of the way you EXPERIENCE your vacation spot!

I’m pretty excited that this is the first year in my life (note: ENTIRE LIFE!!) where I am looking better in the WINTER than I did in the SUMMER! This is the first year that I’m not DREADING bathing suit season (duhn duhn duhnnnnnn!)…as a matter of fact, BRING IT ON!!

Some of you may know that Nick and I are heading to the west coast in 5 whole days (AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!). We’re flying into LA, staying with one of Nick’s friends and then Wednesday morning making our way down the coast to Santa Barbara for 6 whole days! Weather outlook? 65 degrees and sunny across the board (so it says now! cross your fingers and toes!)

Now commonly I would expect to forget about my healthy lifestyle for the week…but no, no…

There will be some food consumed, I’m sure, that is a litttttle outside the lines. There will be alcohol consumed…I’m on VACATION!, but by God, there WILL be EXERCISE (maybe more than usual even!)!!!

While we’re out there, we’re planning on checking out the two Crossfit gyms in Santa Barbara: Crossfit Pacific Coast and Crossfit Santa Barbara. I’m pretty excited about checking out “Pacific Coast” because the two owners used to go to Boston College before they moved out west 🙂 So, so far, the count is 2 workouts.

Another day we’re going to check out his brothers boot camp class. I’m really excited about this! I’m pretty sure Nick and his brother are going to take the world by storm one day 🙂 You can check out Andrew’s site here. Count: 3

We are planning on, at one point, going for a bike ride to tour Santa Barbara. This could be a handful of hours on a bike. While it probably won’t be highly INTENSE, it will be a GREAT workout and an amazing way to see the city! Count: 4

We’re planning on going for a hike. Whether this will be an early morning endeavor or a later in the day deal, the scenery will be BREATHTAKING and the movement ENERGIZING! Count:5

While there will, of course, be long walks on the beach (:-p), sunset sailboat cruises, watching the sunset over the ocean (that will be SOOO bizarre!!), dipping my toes in the Pacific, soaking up some rays of sunshine, delicious meals, meeting all kinds of Nick’s closest friends and wine tasting (way too close to wine country NOT to!)…there is ALWAYS time for exercise it seems 🙂

Have an incredible day! and if you know Nick, say Happy Birthday!! 😀


2 thoughts on “Vacation Weight?? Pssshhh….

  1. joann/ aka mom says:

    good blog my dear as I said before you are an amazing young lady. I am excited for your vacation for you you are gonna have a great time and a great experience. Love you sweetie and Happy Birthday Nick Love you both

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