Pumping Your Brain on the Train!

Happy Friday everyone!!! We all survived the crazy wind/rain storm last night..although I was a little afraid I wouldn’t! Sleeping in a room with 4 windows, with wind blowing that shakes your house is a litttttle unnerving!

So I’ve most recently discovered the BEST time to teach someone about my lifestyle is ON THE TRAIN! Today, I sat down next to a guy on the train (all in a fluster because I almost missed it. In my defense though, it was early.) Asked him some questions about the weather, the train…then out it came. I picked up Nick’s copy of The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain off the floor this morning for the commute. Once it was on my lap, the guy turns to me and says, “I heard about that on the Colbert Report.” I took this as my opportunity to jump right in.

Literally, its been 3 minutes since I sat down.

“Well how much have you heard about the Paleo Diet?”

“Just what I learned from the show.”

From there I bombarded him with information about the “diet” (I wanted to make sure the information wasn’t just extreme cases, like people who will fast for a few days and then eat a ridiculous amount of meat in one sitting…), he asked questions, I gave him answers to the best of my knowledge, and then even threw in the word “Crossfit” to top it off.

From there he asked me about Crossfit, I told him I was a huge advocate, which he thought was obvious (and hilarious) since I literally sat down (just about) and told him he should join, haha.

So why is this awesome?? Captive audience…and think about all the people around us that LOOK like they’re reading their book, but are actually intently listening to what you have to say (I’m not being one of those loud, obnoxious people…just so you know :-p Well on second thought, I probably am, but that would just be me being me…haha). I once was telling a friend on the train about a paleo dessert I made, and one woman chased me down the street once I got off the train to have me write down the recipe. They’re listening guys! Then once you got them, you teach them.  

Of course, if any of you know me, it’s not AT ALL a stretch for me to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger! I even had the people sitting on both sides of me today feel inclined to help me with my coat, I couldn’t seem to find the arm holes, haha. If you see a moment, however, grab it and use it to the best of your ability. Keep your eyes open today…your next teaching moment is right around the corner!


6 thoughts on “Pumping Your Brain on the Train!

  1. Judi says:

    I also like to strike up conversations with people I don’t know especially on plane’s or in the airport (i fly several times a year). It’s nice to connect with people outside of your normal circle of friends, and more than likely those other people were probably listening to you. The more the better, and I just bought the Paleo Diet book today and am excited to check it out. I’ve been reading a lot of reviews and articles and it sounds great….except I love milk so that’s something I would have to figure out! Have a great trip to Cali (just met a couple from Palm Springs at the dog park today)! Should be warm weather there!

  2. nadeaujl5 says:

    You have no idea how excited I am that you bought the Paleo Diet book!!
    As for the milk Judi: I lovvvveeeddd milk as well. As a substitute, I use almond milk for my “cereal” and don’t feel the need to just drink straight milk anymore. For creamer in coffee, you can use almond milk, or make cashew creamer (blend cashews and water, or cashews and almond milk, DELICIOUS!!). Also, RAW, unpasteurized milk is ok, and DELICIOUS…but very very hard to find!

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