When is the last time you truly felt at peace?

…For me, I can happily say that was last night.

It has been a long week. One of those weeks that seem to lag on FOREVER. Whether that was because I knew a week of fun in the sun was coming up, or because Nick was EXTRA busy at work and I didnt’ get to see him nearly as much as I would have loved, or if it were the lack of movement I had compared to usual. Either way..it was a long week. Typically a week like that is soothed by a weekend of relaxation, movement and laughter. While there was plenty of laughter, there was a definite lack of relaxation and movement. This weekend I threw a surprise party for Nick for his birthday. It was tons of fun, and I think (I think!) I even surprised him!! One of his great friends came to town for the party (which is sooo awesome! and it was PRICELESS when Nick saw him!) and stayed for the weekend. We had a lot of fun, and on Sunday he headed back to the Big Apple. So on Sunday evening, when all was said and done, we were left with a few hours to do something together.

Now when I get stressed out, I get into this cyclical pattern that I have a tough time getting out of. I was stressed that I hadn’t really gotten anything done that weekend (which is fine, just impossible to ignore), I was being a baby because I literally cut the corner of my thumb clean off (not being dramatic..that actually happened), and instead of just doing something about it, I felt the need to mope.

Nick did well, haha.

We ended up spending the last few hours of the day really enjoying each others company. We made some tea and played a game for a little while, then headed off to a yoga class.

Now this is the purpose of this post (the rest was just back story :-p). The yoga class was JUST what the doctor ordered last night. Now let me just preface this with the fact that I’m pretty sure I have found a pot of gold with my boyfriend. He asked ME to go to yoga last night…do you know how long I’ve been waiting for that!? 🙂

So the class was “Restorative Yoga”. I didn’t really know what to expect. I heard it was gentle and calm, and I thought that would be perfect for my stressed mental state. We walk into Empower Yoga with mats in tow. Immediately I felt calmer. I used to do yoga quite frequently a few years back. I was even thinking of teaching it part-time at some point. When we walked in I felt that heavy heat hit me from the previous class (hot yoga), and I felt at home 🙂

Once we were in the studio, mats rolled out and were settled in, the teacher made her way in and got us started. Something I noticed about the class was that it was almost sexual…primal. The music was the kind of music that makes you close your eyes and really be able to experience yourself. That sounds reallly weird, but I literally am sitting here trying to think of a way to say it better and nothing is coming to me.

 She had us close our eyes and begin moving our body in WHATEVER way our body told us to. I found this interesting…but actually really let go. No one was looking at me, they all had their eyes closed doing their own things themselves. So I closed my eyes and listened to the music and started to stretch and bend my body in the ways that it was craving to be moved. I felt like I did a lot with my ribcage and my shoulders. Stretching like a cat, rolling my back around, bending this way and that…it was fantastic.

Then we got into the meat of the class. Restorative yoga is all about really concentrating on a few poses, and being CONTENT in them. She spoke a lot last night about being content doing nothing, and being content in the feeling during the stretches. Then she hit my nerve (not a bad nerve..sensitive nerve…struck a chord?? That work?) She started talking about how we need to be able to acknowledge our dark sides, and be content with being exactly who you are. To be able to crawl into your own mind, but not allow those thoughts to take you over. To be able to acknowledge and hear those thoughts, but to not allow them to affect you. This is my big weakness. I think alllll toooo much. My brain is constantly running. This typically gets me into trouble. Last night, however, the class was really showing me how I can accept myself, accept my thoughts, accept my flaws, but let it pass by me. I remember a particular moment, while in savasana (the final rest pose), where I thought, “I miss this part of me.” I feel like when I am doing yoga regularly, I am literally a better person. As Nick would say, it lowers your allostatic load so that you are able to deal with stress better. The class was peaceful, made me feel really beautiful, oddly (I think it was the primal aspect to it), and I walked out of there feeling like I was made of liquid. I would highly recommend adding a peaceful, restorative yoga to your regimen, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

I will not be posting for a week because I am heading to the west coast tomorrow!!! I will have plenty to report on when I get back I’m sure! See you in a week 🙂



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