1st Prescribed Workout!

So I said I wouldn’t be posting for another week, but I lied. I needed to tell you about last nights workout!!

We did 3×3 front squats at 80% of our max weight. My max weight was 105#, so I front squatted 85# total last night, 9 times!

Then the workout:

3 rounds of:

15 KettleBell snatches (with 25#, which was the prescribed weight!!)

15 KB jerks

15 situps with KBs

I did all of this is 6:42. I was really excited about it being my first prescribed workout, because on the post I did around New Years, I said one of my goals for the year was to do AT LEAST one prescribed workout! CHECK!!!! Also, I feel like I am SUPER close to a kipping pull up. Nick seems to think I have it, I’m just not trusting that I can get all the way up, so I’m stopping short. He’s probably right…but I will get it soon, I can FEEL IT!

Have a fantastic day 😀

Leaving on Virgin air in T-minus 7 hours :-D!!!!!


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