SB is where I want to be!


Wow…where the HECK do I BEGIN?!!

First of all, we flew on Virgin America. WAYYYY COOOOOL!!!! Way cool story with that to boot…but I’m going to continue…too much to tell!

We arrived in LA that night where I met Nick’s friend Christine for the first time, we all went out to dinner  and then out to the end of the Santa Monica pier 🙂 When we woke up on Wednesday morning, Christine drove us to the Amtrak for us to begin our journey to Santa Barbara. We took the Pacific Coast Surfliner. At one point in the ride, it just opens up to the Pacific Ocean where I caught my first glimpse of the west coast waters 🙂 Then, for the first time in my LIFE, I saw a school (? group?? what would you call this…) of dolphins jumping over each other in the water. Nick said he had never seen anything like that from the train. I got a little emotional…Come ON!! I’m a Pisces, I’m SUPPOSED to be emotional..and hello!? Dolphins were being all dolphin-like! It was BEAUTIFUL!

Anyway, we arrive in Santa Barbara at about 10am. Now to keep this from being the longest post in the history of the WORLD, because it could TOTALLY go that way….I’m going to try to just SUMMARIZE!



Dipped my toes in the Pacific for the first time in my life.

Did my first handstand on the beach of Santa Barbara.

Saw my first pelican (the next day I saw about 100 of them, easy!, all clumped together on the beach).

Did a 15 mile bike ride up to Isla Vista and got to see where Nick went to college. Saw an elderly woman get pegged by a biker there…wasn’t good. The campus, however, is GORGEOUS!! I think the whole world should be set up like this campus. Instead of 2 way highways for cars, there were highways for bikes. It was amazing!!!

Saw my first sunset over the ocean.

Had beer and pizza at one of Nick’s favorite places on campus (it was good pizza!).

Saw the place we would be staying for the next week. Awesome house with an INCREDIBLE back yard and even a cat and dog to boot! Had an amazingly healthy and DELICIOUS dinner with Nick’s brother, co-business owner and some of their friends!

Fell in love with Santa Barbara.



Woke up at 5:10am to head over to Andrew and Casey’s bootcamp (check it out here!). They WHOOPED my butt!! They were awesome! The next day I felt muscles that I didn’t even know EXISTED!!

We had breakfast for the FIRST time at Tupelo Junction. Freakin’ AMAZING!!!! Now, just to forewarn: I didn’t eat all the HEALTHIEST foods while I was on vacation. However, we did exercise a good deal!! At Tupelo I ordered this pumpkin oatmeal waffles and Nick ordered a bacon scramble, and we split them. Seriously, rocked my world!! They serve FRESHLY SQUEEZED OJ everrrrrryday!

This was the day of our wine tasting tour with Captain Jacks. We were only 45 minutes from wine country, and the two areas couldn’t be more different. Since we called VERY last second, we got a special discount on the “Serious Wine Lovers Tour ONLY!!”. We don’t know ANYTHING about wine. We ended up on a tour with four other people that were significantly older than us. It was awesome though anyway!!! Our first stop was Foley Estates, then Melville (this is where I realized that I’m wayyyy into Syrah!), then Sanford and LaFond. These wineries were HUGE on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir!



Did a 20 mile bike ride. Saw some realllly beautiful sights on bike.

Nick’s friends started trickling in for Pub Golf, and we all went out to a big Mexican dinner that night and out dancing afterward. Sooooo muchhhhh fun!!!



Breakfast with everyone, and then Pub Golf for the remainder of the day. Met a LOT of AWESOME people, and had a LOT of GREAT times!!

Sprained my left ring finger (first sprained ANYTHING in my life!)

Made it through 12 bars of the 18 “holes” (of which 3 were closed).



Round number two at Tupelo Junction with everyone. SOOOO good!!!

Walking down State Street.

Went to an open house in Montecito that was worth 8.5 million dollars. This place was OUT of control!! If I lived in SB county, every Sunday I would just scan the fliers for the most insane open house, and that is where I would be! Soooo cool!

Dinner and a movie date 🙂


Last day there. I walked around State St. for a while looking for souvenirs, and then we went out to LongBoarders for lunch (sitting on a pier over the Pacific…this is probably where I got the MAJORITY of my tan while I was there).

Yoga in the backyard with Nick.

Saying goodbyes.

I had THE BEST TIME ever!!! I would move there in a heartbeat right now if I could. I ABSOLUTELY fell in LOVE with Santa Barbara and fell even more than I already am with Nick.

Everyday was about 65 and sunny (except Saturday…but honestly, that was the best day to rain if any..we were in bars all day!). Every morning started off with Nick and I sitting on the deck in the sunshine at about 7:30am, either sipping coffee, playing with Buckley, or BOTH! I can hardly wait to go back!

I hope you all had a great week! Back to life…


5 thoughts on “SB is where I want to be!

  1. Judi says:

    Sounds like your trip was amazing! I’m very jealous of all the sun and sand that you had seeing as how I am currently living in a landlocked stated 🙂 Well I started the Paleo Diet and I love it!! I like it because I’m eating “normal” food and I don’t have to count my calories. Also, I know we talked about milk and how much we both love it, but to be honest I haven’t missed it at all. I thought I would, but so far so good. I just need to find some more ideas for bfast and dinner and then I’ll be good to go! Question, were you more tired than normal your first few days when you started eating Paleo?

  2. nadeaujl5 says:

    Judi!! You’re amazing!! I’m sooo glad that you’re LOVING it!!! YES I was super tired the first WEEK!! It will pass! I don’t ever feel the need to just DRINK milk, but I still like something in my coffee.
    What are you doing for bfast as it is now?

    • Judi says:

      O.k. good I’m glad it’s not just me with the tired thing! It’s getting better just something I have to get used to. I couldn’t find almond milk in my local grocery store’s health food section so I’m going to the whole foods market tonight to try and find it. They have everything so I’m keeping my figners crossed. For breakfast I was going to do the paleo cereal that you had (because I’m a cereal addict), but no almond milk yet so I”ve been having a banana, walnuts, blueberries, and tea. I just like variety but couldn’t think of a fairly quick morning meal other than cereal. The book always has you having fish in the morning and I dislike seafood very much haha so….not so much 🙂

  3. nadeaujl5 says:

    Something that we typically eat for breakfast:
    scrambled eggs (cage free, organic) with some kind of meat (free range chicken sausage, grass fed beef, nitrate free bacon, etc), and a ton of veggies in there. SUUUUPER tasty!

    Or just eggs, meat and some veggies NOT scrambled…

    OR! SALAD!! I LOVVVVE salad for breakfast!!!

  4. steelbladeninja says:

    Welcome back Jen! I’ve been on the road a bit as well…but NOWHERE NEAR as cool a journey as it sounds like you had. Baltimore just doesn’t have as much as the Pacific coast.

    Bad thing – I’ve not moved for four days. I know I’m in for PAIN tomorrow…perhaps I’ll see you there and you’ll kick my butt…I wouldn’t doubt it these days. :oD

    btw…it’s called a “pod” – of cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) ;o)

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