Life: GAME ON!!!!

Finally, I believe my life is going to be getting back to NORMAL!! I have, unfortunately, not been to Crossfit in 2 weeks (I was away for one of those!), and I have not done any sort of workout at all (except for 100 squats Saturday night) for OVER a week now. I am feeeeeeling it! It’s amazing how one littttle week of not exercising can make you feel like you are right back to square one, that you’ve gained all the fat back and that no clothes fit (had a mini melt down trying on jeans on Saturday…ugh). You know what though? The positive side to this PROBLEM is that it works in REVERSE also!! Let’s say you haven’t been working out in a month…as soon as you start working out again, you WILL feel better, you WILL feel sexier, you WILL feel stronger, and you WILL feel healthier! All those positive, healthy chemicals are pumping through you body, chasing out all the dirty, nasty, negative toxins.

When is the last time you think SHE has exercised?!

So on Saturday, I was a LITTLE beyond grumpy. I woke up feeling TERRIBLE (I made poor choices on Friday night…hahah), dodged a MAJOR bullet though with the Crossfit workout (2 miles of running on your own, and then shared with a partner: 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats), tried on a bunch of European sized jeans (I dont’ flippin’ know what I am for a Euro size, and come to find out, my waist doesn’t agree with my LEGS on which size they want to be..not even CLOSE!) and had a mini melt down because of the jeans…all the while, its dark, gloomy and WET outside!

So when we get back from our little shopping excursion, I knew I was going out for my birthday that night, and I was NO WHERE in the mood to do so. I had about an hour before people started showing up, and I was Miss Grumpy Pants for SURE! So Nick, being Nick, told me that he really thought I should do 100 squats, and that he knew it would make me feel better. I realllly didn’t feel like doing 100 squats. Do you know why this is? The LONGER you go without exercise, the HARDER it is to want to do it. The MORE you do exercise, the EASIER it is to keep up with it.

So I stomped down the stairs to go put my clothes in the dryer, and while I was standing there in the laundry room, I made a decision.

100 squats it is!

When I got back upstairs, I didn’t want to admit that I had just done this. Yes, I was THAT grumpy… You know what though? I DID feel better…just a little at first. Then, however, when people started showing up, I was back to my normal self!

So! Work have you stressed? In an argument with your loved one? Get down and give me 100!

This will be me after Crossfit TONIGHT!


 OH!!! HOW COULD I FORGET!! The following picture is especially for the Crossfit crew! It seems as if all Crossfitters have their very own handstand picture..and while I was in California I was bound and determined to get one on the beach. I did JUST THAT! Enjoy 🙂

woooo hoooooo!!!


6 thoughts on “Life: GAME ON!!!!

  1. steelbladeninja says:

    HAHA! Ok, so I guess Saturday’s workout would have been pretty brutal after a week or two off (I took four days off last week and felt like I had regressed four weeks).

    As for the jeans, I think I’m having the same issue; not with jeans – with dress pants. They make a special cut for people who seem to not do anything or eat anything – they need to make a “power” cut for people like us who eat a WHOLE lot and DO a whole lot and build a whole lot of lean muscle that doesn’t quite fit the whole Barbie cut…I’m glad my Zara Men slacks (the ones I wore to “Get Moving!”) are made of stretchy stuff or they’d be in my torn/ripped pile for sure (especially after jumping and crunching and squatting and pressing…)!

    Glad to have you back in town and glad that the Doc wouldn’t let you sulk for long – 100 squats is a great prescription! ;o)

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      haha, yeah, he wouldn’t EVER let me sulk for TOOO long :-p
      See, dress pants I LOVE!! Those fit me GREAT! Oh well right? I guess thats why the world has tailors…I think its about time I visit one!

  2. Judi says:

    I’ve been through those same emotions so I totally understand the grumpiness, but it’s good that you are staying positive. We’re always going to have “slip-ups”, but we’re human and last time I checked none of us were perfect. However, I have a story for you that might make you feel better or at least give you a chuckle. So this weekend I was feeling kind of crappy but was going to a movie and out for drinks with the girls. I decided to wear a pair of jeans that fit me in the waist but were a little tight on my legs (nothing obscene…I”m not like that haha). Everything was going fine until we get out of the movie theater I sit down in my friends car and hear riiipppp and suddenly my inner thigh is a lot cooler. I look down and my seam had ripped about 2 inches down my inner leg…haha what’s a girl to do. My friend walked in front of me to the restaurant I sat down at the table and all was well!! Hope you’re having a great Monday!

    • Judi says:

      My problem is that I have a really small waist in proportion to my hips so it’s really hard to find pants that don’t have a big gap in the back or they fit me in the waist and are to tight on the bottom…irritating. That’s why I’ve found myself a fantastic seamstress and she takes care of it for me!! Express and Silver jeans are pretty much the only ones I can buy right off the rack and not have to alter. Happy Tuesday 🙂 P.S. I’ve lost 5 lbs so far following Paleo and my energy is really starting to pick up!!

  3. nadeaujl5 says:

    Judi, I have that SAME problem!! I tried on some Hudson and Rock & Republic jeans (if you’re reading this Christine, THANKS for the tip!! :)), but I would need to get them altered still. The waist was wayyyyyyyyyyy too huge for what my legs and booty required. I could have fit another person in the waist…ugh. I tried on some JCrew though on Sunday and felt A LOT better about those!! So maybe thats my brand!
    SOOOO excited for you JUDI!!! I’m really glad that its working so well for you, and that you’re getting over the tired part. Its only AMAZING from here on out!!! 😀

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