Pushups in a Bar?

As I stood in a group of friends/fellow crossfitters last night, celebrating St. Patty’s day like the majority of people in our town; I realized how abnormal my community was in comparison to the general public, and that I LOVE IT! After a tough workout, some of us still red and sweaty (and the majority of our group still in workout gear) headed to the local Irish pub for a celebratory drink. I’ve witnessed a few events since starting Crossfit, that while out in public, we don’t tend to hold the same conversations as those around us. I have witnessed an “6-pack off” (competition), bicep comparison, and tricep comparisons…and this is between the women! This is not typical bar behavior. I have been in a restaurant with Nick in New Hampshire (it was pretty dead in there) where he taught me proper squat form, and he dropped down and did 20 pushups (the woman at the bar was LOVING it!). I was also in a restaurant (packed, may I add!) when Nick demonstrated a push jerk and a power clean…the little old lady that was directly underneath him thought it was soooo “cute”.

Last night, after an impressive showing of bicep muscles by the ladies in our group,  a woman tipped her head into our circle and said, “Okay…I’m going to be the one to ask…what on earth do you girls do to have arms like that?!” Now, I would love to think I was one of those girls she was referring to…but definitely not…YET! While I have noticed some amazing changes in my body in the last 5 months, the other girls who were with me are MUCH more muscularly advanced than I am, haha. The beautiful thing about this, however, is that I KNOW with this continuing support system, with the continuing drive to just walk through those doors 3-4 times a week…I can be one of the girls she’s referring to one day…and probably sooner than I know!

Last nights workout: BEAR COMPLEX!

1 rep = deadlift, power clean, thruster, back squat, thruster (all chained together)

In twenty minutes, do as many reps of this as you can (I was using a 45# barbell). I did 38 reps. I think I could have done 50# to be perfectly honest. I’ll remember that next time! I was still pretty dang sore from Monday’s workout (which was THRUSTERS also!). To be the cherry on top, Nick and I biked to and from Crossfit 😀

Have a GREAT Thursday everyone!! We’re almost to the weekend!


5 thoughts on “Pushups in a Bar?

  1. steelbladeninja says:

    Hah! Awesome! I wish I hadn’t missed the Bear…that would’ve been GREAT! [But it’s ok, I worked my snatches like never before (did a 3x at what was my 1 rep max and could have done more).] ;o)

    Keep it rockin’! Soon you WILL have arms you’ll get questions on too…arms and legs and back and shoulders…and whatever else you work!

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      It was tough, for sure! I was pretty scared to start, because in the warm up I almost fell backward with that weight over my head. The workout though, went very well!

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