WARNING: Objects in your mirror may be larger than they appear!

So, it’s been almost 6 whole months of putting in hard work, lots of sweat, and maybe a few tears at Crossfit. I’ve learned how to Olympic lift, do a proper squat (and many, many of them…), the mechanics of a kipping pull-up (yet still no actual execution), and that I’m exponentially more tough than I ever imagined myself being. I’ve learned that in a community where the impossible becomes the norm, anything really is possible. I’ve learned how to nourish my body with healthy fuels, how to do a strict pull up (even if it IS with a band…), and how to not only love, but CRAVE, movement. I’ve discovered muscles on my body that I didn’t even know could take place on a woman’s body and I’ve discovered that strength is beautiful…but you know what else I’ve discovered??….

I’ve discovered that none of my pants fit anymore!!! Now I’m not really sure how much I can share with you about this problem…but in reality, I tend to lack a filter of any kind…so…I’m rolling with it. That being said…included in that lump of ill-fitting clothing, and probably the most frustrating is…dunn dunnn dunnnnnnn…underwear! Seriously, it has gotten to the point where I actually have to make a decision of which part of my bum I want to cover… Yes, I know there is an easy solution to this problem (buy a size up! duh!)..but seriously, I have been the same size as long as I can remember…and I’m supposed to be (and I am) in the best physical shape of my life, and I have the biggest bum I’ve ever had???

I spoke with some  of the girls that I work out with, and much to my relief, its a common problem to have your pants start shrinking. I’ve always had bigger legs and a smaller waist (I’m a pear, what can I say?). Right now I’m going through the phase where my muscles are growing, but the fat on top can’t shrink at the same rate that the muscles are GROWING. So, the result? Bigger legs…snugger jeans.

While searching the internet for a bit of comfort in this arena, I came across a blog post that I would LOVE to share with you!

Maybe It’s Not Your Jeans; It’s Your Perspective
Written by Dani Dufrene

A couple months ago I set out to accomplish a goal. I wanted to go
from #109 to #120. I believed that with a little extra mass I would be
able to lift heavier weights and recover better from my work outs.
Although I have not yet hit #120, I did reach #116 and have felt a
remarkable difference. That is not the point of this post, but
important to note for the story to come. So that is 7lbs in
approximately 8 weeks. Seven pounds may not seem like much for some,
but my frame is rather small and all 7 of those pounds are very
noticeable to me. They seem to have found a home in my quads, glutes
and hamstrings. Not surprising given the CrossFit regimen. Now to my

A few weeks ago I went shopping with a girlfriend. The primary goal
was to find some jeans because I only had one pair of pants that fit
me. What I came to discover on that shopping adventure is that my body
has changed drastically. The cap sleeved, frilly shirts that once
looked so cute now looked ridiculous. And locating a pair of jeans
that fit both in my thighs and my waist was not possible. I was very
grateful on that day for my amazing girlfriend who has a healthy
perspective on her own body image and had been down this road before.
After several failed attempts at finding a pair of jeans, she simply
suggested that I find a pair that fit my thighs and have them altered
to fit in the waist. As for the cap sleeved frilly shirt, well she
said say goodbye and find a new style. Her point was simple, it wasn’t
the jeans; it was my perspective. My body had changed and rather than
fight it I needed to embrace it and adapt.  So I did. I located shirts
that didn’t make me feel like the Hulk or Linda Hamilton and I purged
my closet of anything that no longer flattered my body in its current

 If I had gained 7lbs because I sat on the couch gorging myself, that
would be a completely different story. Not the case. The jeans didn’t
fit me because I had gained muscle mass in my legs and my booty. At
that moment I had to make a decision, I could accept the fact that my
body had changed and alter my attire or sacrifice my strength and
muscle so I could fit into a certain pair of jeans or rock a frilly
shirt. To me the choice is a no brainer. I understand that isn’t the
case for many women, but I challenge you to challenge your

While there will be some men that do not prefer this look...there will be PLENTY who will appreciate it! Be the beautiful YOU want to be!


I write this post because I know that women torture
themselves on a daily basis about their bodies.  If you are eating
well, CrossFitting regularly and being active and your quads happen to
get bigger or your booty grows, I challenge you to embrace it. Adapt
your clothing, not your lifestyle. Don’t sacrifice your health and
strength for vanity. You can have both. You can be strong and
beautiful. You just have to change your perspective. Beautiful might
look a little different than it once did. (read more here)

PS: I love that last line!! “Beautiful might look a little different than it once did.” Love it!

So what else am I learning through Crossfit? It’s a pretty HUGE life lesson…

Embrace the body you have; dress your body for the body it is today; and even though the media tells us that beautiful is pin-thin, with sky-high legs, and all ribs front and center…STRONG is beautiful too; enjoy your new curves 🙂


3 thoughts on “WARNING: Objects in your mirror may be larger than they appear!

  1. Lauren says:

    Why do you think I wanted people to design for athletic women…just beacuse the waste fits, doesn’t mean the quads do and vise versa..!

  2. nadeaujl5 says:

    sooooooooooooooo true!!! When I went to try on jeans, I either couldn’t get my legs even CLOSE to in the legs…or I would get my legs on, but could put another person in the waist…soooo infuriating!!

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