Eating From the Heart: My Thoughts on the Emotional Eating Workshop I Attended Last Night

Last night I attended Doctor Stephen Franson’s workshop on Emotional Eating. There were many powerful messages and inspiring thoughts. (Alexis presented a beautiful introduction for Doc Franson, and as usual, Doc Franson was incredibly informative and captivating.) Even though I now have a changed view about the purpose of food, and I have changed my lifestyle, I still have moments where I eat something for the wrong reasons. So, I was excited to go and learn some tools that I could use when in a bind. 

What I took away from the workshop: 

Often times when we eat something that isn’t a fuel for our bodies (when we distinctly KNOW it’s not healthy for us) we are filling a void. The thing to do would be to look inward and figure out what that void is and start ADDING things in our life that will fill us up (rather than unhealthy food choices). 

Think of every single thing that we put in our body as something that will make our cells healthier, or less healthy. Let’s face it guys, we are nothing but a large mass of cells. So start thinking of food as a fuel to make those cells healthy. That goes not only for food, but for movement and thought as well. We need to think of movement as something that is important enough (because it IS!) that if we don’t get enough of it, we will become  deficient, and eventually ill. 

When face to face with a destructive food like substance, think to yourself “What is it that the person I want/am trying to be would do right now?” When I heard this I had an immediate response of “OH!! Thats a good one!” I think the only way we will ever become the person we want to be, is by playing the part until we just ARE that person. I’m not condoning being something you’re not. However, self-improvement, wanting to be a better person is something we should be doing every single day of our lives. 

Doc Franson said that if you are really craving something, or you just want something really bad (like that vanilla cupcake with sweet pink cream frosting), do something healthy first, and then if you still want it, go ahead! For instance, you’re standing in your kitchen, staring that cupcake down. “Oh godddd I want that cupcake!” Your mouth is literally watering at the very thought of it hitting your lips! Step 1: make a choice of what it is you are going to do that is HEALTHY (ex: go for a run, eat a kiwi, call your buddy who will talk you off the ledge, just go for a walk around the block). Step 2: Do the healthy action. Step 3: If you get back from doing whatever it is you chose to do, and you’re still thinking, “Yep, STILL want that cupcake”, then eat the dang thing. Chances are, it won’t be as dire for you to eat it. 

The biggest thing I took away, and agree so highly with, is that our day needs to start on the right foot. I know personally that when I have a great morning, the rest of my day typically goes that way too. So first thing first: food. Our day needs to start with a nutrient packed breakfast…you wouldn’t start a long road trip with an empty tank. It needs to be the right food! You wouldn’t put diesel in your car if it runs on regular gas…you wouldn’t get too far. So fill up your tank and make sure its running clean! 

A field of kale?? I MUST be dreaming 🙂


Last night Doc Franson made a smoothie that he calls the Green Monster. It’s a healthy smoothie so that his family leaves the house to begin their day with more nutrients in them than most kids probably get in a WEEK! So I was inspired to get back on the bus of making smoothies (it’s been a long cold winter…). This morning I made something very similar, with just a few tweaks, and it turned out to be DELICIOUS! So…I thought I would share with you 🙂 

1-1.5 cups of frozen peaches 

1 banana 

Almond milk (enough to give it a smoothie like consistancy) 

1-2 tablespoons of fish oil 

1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil 

1 raw egg 

TONS of kale!!! 

It may not SOUND like it tastes good, but I honestly think this is the best smoothie I have ever made! So…give it a whirl! 

Have a great Thursday!!


4 thoughts on “Eating From the Heart: My Thoughts on the Emotional Eating Workshop I Attended Last Night

  1. Judi says:

    “What is it that the person I want/am trying to be would do right now?” That line of his is perfect. I think I’m going to print it off and stick it on my fridge as a reminder to myself!! I wish I could have gone to this workshop because I really think I would have loved it! Thanks for posting this 🙂 As always you are AWESOME!!!

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