Badger Badger Badgerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I literally dreaded it all day yesterday….


It may look all cuddly and innocent...but WATCH OUT!!

3 rounds of :

30 squat cleans

now try to imagine that move with a SHIT TON less weight…haahahah, try 45 big ones…as opposed to like 330…

30 pull-ups

I used the green band again…but for some reason, I started half-kipping with the band…interesting….

800m run (half mile)

Sounds innocent enough right??? Maybe no innocent…but definitely not like it would be a killer…wrong.

It’s funny, I was talking to one of the girls at the gym last night about this after the workout…I used to DREAD 400m runs. I was DEAD during them. Last night, I was using the 800m run as a resting time!!! All the while dodging the sketchy homeless men in the industrial park who were talking and laughing loudly to themselves…

I finished the workout in 42:23! 90 squat cleans, 90 pull-ups, and a 1.5 mile run!! I was feeling good and proud after that 🙂

I was KIND of thinking about MAYYYYBE going to Shambala meditation tonight…but then I saw the Crossfit workout…

As Many Rounds in 20 Minutes
– 5 Burpees
– 10 Box Jumps
– 15 Lunges
– 200M Run

ehhh…so torn…

Have a BEAUTIFUL Tuesday 🙂 xoxo!


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