Sometimes, The Universe Responds Instantly…

People are beautiful.

I am sitting in the Boston Common on my lunch break, post-delicious-salad (kale, cukes, carrots, peas, grapes, steak), basking in the sun, praising the world for a second time today for everything beautiful life has to offer. As I mentally list my words of gratitude, I see a tall, frail man hobbling up the path. Literally, every step looks excruciating for him.

He sits down on a park bench across the wide walkway, and I quietly look at him without him noticing. I notice people staring as he shakes, and watch the people around him get up and leave. I take in the thought that due to his physical state, life most likely is not the same for him; he is not living his best life. Nick says all the time that he makes the best decisions when he thinks from 30,000ft (big picture mentality). I wonder if this man had started thinking from 30,000ft a long time ago, if his life would be different today; if he had chosen what he ate, how he moved and what he thought, with the utmost care. I then took that moment to be grateful for this stranger. I thanked him/her/the universe for allowing this man to sit across from me so I could be reminded of why I do what I do, everyday; why I don’t eat whatever I want (even though everything I eat, I really want ;)), why I don’t just sit on the couch when I get home, and why I truly DO feel everyday is “FANTASTIC”!

Just when I thought I was through stating my thanks, I watch the man stand up. He takes one painful step after another in my direction. I make eye contact with him. He slowly, painfully, approaches me just to say,

“Has anyone told you you look beautiful today?”

How BEAUTIFUL are people?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes, The Universe Responds Instantly…

  1. joann/ aka mom says:

    you are so beautiful jen inside and out dad and i were so blessed with two beautiful children., beautiful people that was a beautiful story about the man in the common it really touched me when you said how he walked over to you and told you how beautiful you were I am truly so thankful for what your dad and i have been given in you and your brother. I LOVE YOU JEN AND MISS YOU LOVE M OM

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