Child’s Play, Schmild’s Play!

Good morning 🙂 I can say, with content, that I have started my morning off well. A warm cup of tea, attitude of gratitude on my deck, all the while knowing I have a great day ahead!

The other day I was walking up School Street in Boston to take the checks to the bank for work. My attention was drawn to a little girl a few people ahead of me on the street. She was skipping and swinging her head from side to side with major gusto! No one seemed to think this was odd. Of course not right? She’s a KID!

Now let’s think about this one. What if you saw an adult doing that VERY same thing? A full-grown adult high skipping down Bolyston in her three-piece suit and stilettos, swinging her $200 per salon visit, perfectly polished hair from side to side? Nuts right? You would think she’s NUTS!…


When did it stop being cool to be SO awesome?!

When did it stop being cool to really FEEL life? To really express your happiness? To really LIVE? I know, I know..we need to be responsible adults who pay bills, have a job to keep, have children ourselves even…but when did that mean we can’t be fun?

Last June I met up with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a long while in Boston. We were walking along the waterfront in downtown when we came upon the fountain….THE fountain in Boston. You know the one I’m talking about, the one where parents bring their kids on summer days, dressed in bathing suits, roaring and ready to run through it for hours. We sat for a bit, watching the kids and catching up. Then, almost at the same time, we looked at each other and you could tell the other was thinking the same thing..I WANT TO DO THAT! So often, we as adults, watch kids have all the fun, even though we’re DYING to play too! Why can’t we?

So we did…and it was AWESOME! I mean, let’s be honest…how many of those parents TOTALLY want to run through on a hot July day…but dont? TONS! Just DO it already!

When was the last time we played tag for fun? Or double-dutch jump roped? How about rolling down a hill? I know, these all seem sooooooooooooooooooo childish…they are! But let me ask you this…how often do you see a kid rolling down a hill STRESSED OUT? Or how about a kid jump roping…do they ever seem sad? Most likely, I’ll take my chances by saying NO! Let’s keep the responsible traits we’ve grown into, and add a few more of the kid like traits we shoved in the back of the closet! Go ride a bike! Make a sand castle! Climb a tree! Do cartwheels at the park! Swing on the swings at the playground (I do this from time to time…but for some reason my ADULT stomach can’t handle it, hahaha), and don’t for ONE second care what all the other ADULTS think…just do something that makes you feel ALIVE! 🙂

Have a GORGEOUS weekend 🙂


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