Thank GOODNESS I Know A Good Chiropractor!

Happy Monday everyone 🙂 I hope you had a fantastic weekend!! The weather was GORGEOUS…and well, it was the weekend!!

I had a great weekend, mild injury aside. Well, I say mild, but judging by my seriously colossal babiness, you would think otherwise. I hurt my back this weekend. My lower back…ouch!

On Saturdays workout at Crossfit we were split into teams of 3. This was the first time ever I got to be on a team with Nick 🙂 Guess what the workout was? 3 stations: first station, mile run; second station, as many deadlifts as you can do in the allotted time (they wanted us to deadlift 155#, but since I have never even done that ONCE, I chose to do 100#s); third station, as many strict pullups as we could do in said time. So the way it works…one person runs a mile, another is doing deadlifts, and the other, pull-ups…as soon as the person running get’s back, you switch. I asked if I could go running first, since I don’t LOVE running! Wait, on a side note, I need to talk about this…

A week ago, the thought of running 400m irked me. Seriously, I dreaded going to Saturday workouts because often times the workout included running. The last month, however, running has been the poison of choice in ALL workouts, weekdays included. So what happens when the thing you dread is constantly in your face? You stop thinking it’s so scary! To top it off, I decided to dedicate last week to making running even LESS scary by doing a few of my own workouts that had running as the main course (Two rounds of 1.3 mile runs and 50 double unders, 1 mile for time, etc). So my mindset this past week, and still, is no longer “RUNNING is SCARY so I’m going to avoid it!”, it’s “Running is difficult, so I’m going to face it head on and show that pavement who’s BOSS!!”

Okay, I’m digressing…back to Saturday…

So I was the first to run the mile, and I took off! I was a little worried I would take forever because I knew that the men in my team would be kicking their own bums as long as I’m out there, but I stopped worrying about that about a minute in. I became more concerned with listening to my body, finding a healthy pace, and getting to the end! Guess what! I ran my PR (personal record)!! A week ago I was running a mile in over 9 minutes..closer to 9.5…Saturday I finished in just a little over 8 minutes!!!! Amazing!! Just the encouragement I needed!!!

Okay, no time to throw a party, have to move on to deadlifts. I had 100#s on there…which felt heavy, as it should, but my form felt good and I wasn’t going crazy with them… I did 30 of them in the 7 minutes it took Nick to run the mile. Then once Vlad took off on his run, I banged out 28 strict pullups on the blue band (heck yeah!).

So the workout was great, we went out to breakfast in Manchester, and then came home. A few hours later, my back started hurting…really hurting. It grew more and more painful as the day went on. As the day progressed, I grew more and more worried about my night out dancing. Could I dance? Any of you that has ever seen me dance may have noticed I dont’ take dancing lightly. It’s a full body workout, a full contact sport. There isn’t a muscle I don’t use, or a move I won’t do. My mom usually refers to me as Gumby. So, the thought of dancing when it was painful for me to even walk without looking like I was balancing an apple on my head, was somewhat causing me a tad bit of worry!

Come 8:30pm, some of the guys came over to our house to play poker with Nick, and Lisa and I decided to go get a “drink” before heading over to go dance (I was still going to attempt it at this point). We ended up having the tastiest virgin mojitos EVER and had great conversation, however, my back was not feeling any better. I made the call to go home for the night.

I have been adjusted about 4 times since Saturday, have iced (maybe not as much ice as I should have…but I’m currently sitting here with ice stunningly cold on my back), have moved, have stretched (I was given stretches to do today because my hamstrings are so tight, which is probably what is causing, or at least REALLY not helping my back pain), and still not stellar…just need to keep following the doctor’s orders, and make sure I think twice about mixing running with deadlifting again (dont’ realize your form breaks down when you’re tired…).

As for tackling “Fran” tonight at Crossfit..not so sure about that…may go and do something else (Fran: 21, 15, 9 of Thrusters and pull-ups).  

The rest of my weekend was fantastic 🙂 Quality time with an incredible man, and a lunch date with my love, Lauren! Mexican, iced coffee, walking by the water and great conversation 🙂 Love life 🙂

Have an incredible Monday guys…kick this week off right!


2 thoughts on “Thank GOODNESS I Know A Good Chiropractor!

  1. Judi says:

    So this morning I was in a terrible mood…didn’t sleep a wink last night and was just in an overall state of blah. I didn’t want to leave my house in such a terrible mood so I said to myself do what Jenn would do haha… soI sat outside on the patio with a cup of coffee facing the woods and focused on what was good with the day instead of the bad that had already happened for about 5 minutes or so….and it worked!! Couldn’t believe it…I felt more calm, relaxed, and I was even smiling. No small feat for me on a rough Monday morning 🙂 Hope your back to 100% soon! Take care 🙂

  2. nadeaujl5 says:

    That is SOOOO awesome Judi!!! I am still workign on making that work when I’m in a foul mood, hahahaha. I’ve discovered jump roping really may be the trick for me when I’m in a bad mood 🙂 Worked really well Friday night!
    I’m so happy your Monday is starting off right 🙂 Who cares about those first 5 minutes..they don’t count 🙂 Have a great rest of the day!!!!

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