Paleo Projects :)

Well, it was no Fran….but I did get in a workout last night, AND a girl’s talk session with my buddy Rhonda! We did a good 4.5-5 mile walk, trying to get some movement in, but trying to AVOID making my back WORSE! Mission accomplished! 

I got home right before Nick did, at 8pm, and got started on dinner. It was kiiiind of delicious!! 🙂 Dropped a healthy dose of coconut oil in the cast iron pan, and then seared up some garlic and onions. MMMM, don’t you LOVE the way the house smells when garlic and onions are cooking? 🙂 Then came the broccoli. At this point, Nick has walked in for the night, so mini pause on the cooking 🙂 

How GORGEOUS is this vegetable?!

Okay, and back to it! So a couple of weeks ago I bought two cans of coconut milk. I really have no idea what to do with this stuff…I guess I expected it would be like MILK! However, coconut milk has a butter like consistency, and melts when heated (duh!). So, I got a little kitchen curious. What would happen if I added coconut milk to the veggie mix (mean while, I had grass-fed beef cooking up on the cast iron griddle)? I also planned on adding peeled plum tomato/tomato paste to the mixture…so I was thinking, would that be weird with the coconut milk? Well, we won’t know unless we try!! SOOOOO, in it went, and immediately developed a pink (like vodka sauce..delish!) color. When everything was just about done, I threw in the swiss (rainbow) chard, and dished it up! 

Um yeah….DELICIOUS!!! It tasted familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it…apparently Nick was thinking the same thing because he said this outloud a couple of times, then told me it tasted like Thai food…YES…it had a hint of that peanut sauce flavor….oh man……..SOOOO GOOD!! 

On the peanut sauce thought….I wonder what it would be like if I mixed almond butter and coconut milk, and cooked up some chicken in a pan with that?!!? Project!! 😀 

Have a great Tuesday everyone 😀


2 thoughts on “Paleo Projects :)

  1. Brian Buell says:

    I did the same thing with coconut milk. I tried mixing it with almond butter for a sauce for chicken with delicious results. Also, I tried adding some of the red chili paste the next time to give it some kick!
    Great blog, Jenn. 🙂

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