Rainy Day Pleasures :)

On this rainy, cold day in Boston, my mind has been wandering to better things…warmer things…far away things…

However, if you don’t have a huge chunk of change to spare, and you’re letting the rainy mood get to you, here are a few things that ALWAYS make me feel amazing…for under $10!!!

1) I LOVE going to Borders/Barnes and Noble, buying a vanilla chai tea, and reading trashy tabloid magazines for hours 🙂

2) A manicure…maybe that’s $15 (as long as you are using your real nails…)…but I think we’re still in the safe zone with this one 😉 For some reason I ALWAYS feel so pretty when my nails are painted 🙂

3) I have discovered that if you are walking down Newbury Street, and stumble across the hidden treasure that is SABON, they will give you a free hand massage (with the scrub) and you will walk out feeling like you have new hands! My personal favorite is the Lavender Apple Body Scrub 😉 😉 😉

4) I LOVE to just walk around Whole Foods with a cup of coffee that you can buy when you walk in the door 🙂 There is a good chance you will walk out spending more than $10, but it’s DEFINITELY doable 🙂

5) I always feel amazing when I leave church. It’s impossible not to when everyone is laughing, smiling and singing! Plus, we get to meditate and relax into a reiki healing. I always get the message I need at that time when I go, and for that I always leave there feeling renewed!

6) OPEN HOUSES!!! I am such an open house NERD, but I could do it for hours, and it brightens up my day! Sometimes I pretend like I’m in the market, making up a story…but most of the time I just go in and admire every nook and cranny of the house. While I was in Santa Barbara, I dragged some friends along to an open house in Monticeito for 8.4 million dollars! It was AHHH-MAZING!

While there are the fail-safe things like spending time with family, friends, working out, etc…these are my little “guilty pleasures” that really switch my mood for the better! If I’m already in a really good mood…watch out! 😀

Heading to Franson Family Chiropractic tonight for a workshop with Dr Paul Kratka on Eating Healthy in an Unhealthy World!! I’ll report back tomorrow (I’m taking notes on this one ;))


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