The Rest Stop

I tend to REALLY hold onto moments that feel SO good you never want them to end. Those types of moments are special because they don’t happen allll the time, right? Those are the kind of moments that you want to live in forever. Well, I had a boat load of them this weekend, and therefore, my weekend was phenomenal. Did BIG EPIC things happen this weekend?? Is THAT why it was so great?? No, not really…actually, the best things were little pleasures that felt hugely good 🙂

#1) Windows down. Moon roof open. Open road. Gorgeous man driving 🙂

#2) Stopping for coffee at a tiny town that if you blinked, you would miss it. Talking to locals, and feeling like I was in some kind of “deep south” movie… coconut creme coffee…mmmmmmm 🙂

#3) Driving past a house with a huge LOVE sign on the front lawn…

#4) Sitting outside to eat, in Manchester, VT, drinking a margarita, having great conversation, feeling the cool breeze, and you telling me I looked gorgeous.

#5) Sitting around a fire pit at the Equinox Resort/Spa, laughing, loving, and watching some 70 something sorority sisters doing the same 🙂

#6) Parking our truck in the parking lot of the Equinox, heading to bed after our drinks around the fire, getting a GREAT night’s sleep, then waking up, brushing our teeth in the hotel, and having some complimentary coffee on the deck 🙂 All while enjoying great conversation, and watching the robins make their home.

#7) While getting our coffee, a husband and wife walks in. The wife says,

“Would you like some coffee hunny?”

Hunny: “YES….YES, I do…that is EXACTLY what I need!”

Only to then be told by Nick that his shirt, proudly may I add, stated “SERIOUS COFFEE DRINKER”.

#7) Arriving at the base of Equinox Mountain, taking my money out to pay the $14 to drive up the mountain…only to be told that since we were the first ones, its free 🙂

#8) Laying on our backs, in a cemetary in a valley of green mountains, crickets so loud that you couldn’t hear anything else…staring up at the clouds that resembled a watercolor painting of whites, greys and black. Best part: both of us appreciating it, and appreciating that we appreciated it together.

#9) Sitting on the top of the mountain, completely alone…the whole mountain to ourselves. Not another person in sight, and only the sound of birds could be heard.

#10) Doing hand stands at 3800ft 🙂

 #11) A really great kiss, and then the way you looked at me afterward in a parking lot outside of Crabtree & Evelyn.

#12) On our way home, we drove for 30 minutes, took a lunch break; drove for another 15 minutes, and decided to take a nap break. At that very second, we came upon a rest area that ran alongside a river. We pulled the truck over, opened the windows…all of them. Opened the hatch up, got in the back on our mattress…and fell asleep. I was enjoying the moment a little too much to sleep right away, so I flopped on my belly and wrote in my journal, THEN took a nap 🙂 When we woke up, we were hot, so we ran down the hill, in our underwear, into the river. It felt like summer did when I was a kid.

Then after dunking ourselves into the PAINFULLY cold water (which felt amazing!), we layed out on a HUGE rock for a couple of hours, talking, and just being…listening to the nothingness around us, and finding a sort of meditative quality in the moment.

Favorite part of the trip…

The Rest Stop.



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