That Was Then, This Is Now!


The Dangers of Double Unders

May 2010

So, just about every single time I do double-unders, I end up looking like someone took a whip to me… You can’t even see HALF of the lashings in this picture..but the majority of them were on my forearms. I had some of the back of my thighs, calves, and on my triceps. Does it hurt? No, not really…I was more pissed off that I didn’t land that particular double under than I was concerned about the whip lashing.

Don’t worry, they go away a day later :-p

While I have this picture up…

Someone recently told me that if you want to change the body you have, you should BRAVELY, may I add, keep putting up pictures of the one you DON’T want…that way you work a lot harder to move yourself toward the body you DO want! Well, I came upon some pictures from summer of 2008, and literally had a hard time looking at the pictures. I think I was at my heaviest…and it was physically uncomfortable for me to look at these. It’s not a GREAT picture as far as being indicative of how much weight I was carrying…but I think you can gather a PRETTY good idea by just looking at me (I’ll give you a hint, I was sitting in that position to hide my belly!).

 Then compare to the above picture…wow!

May 2008. Far right...yes, I was blond! 😮

 Crossfit, you rock my world 🙂

Thanks for letting me be vulnerable guys, you TOO rock my world!




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