She Rows Like A Girl…

This morning was the dreaded (not as bad as it has been in the past though..) Saturday workout. The reason I tend to dread this weekly workout is because it tends to keep to its promise of a grueling, intimidating list of numbers on the board (400 situps, 300 pushups, etc…split within a team). This week the entire gym was to be split up in 4 teams (6 people on each team). The workout looked like this:

500m row

wall balls

box jumps

knees to elbows


overhead lunges with a 25# plate

What the heck does that even mean? I was wondering the same thing…

How it works is that while one of your teammates is rowing (there are 6 stations and 6 teammates on each team), the others are doing as MANY reps as they can on their station (so for instance, as many wall balls as you can accomplish while your teammate is rowing 500m). Once the teammate has reached 500m, he/she yells “TEAM, SWITCH!” and you move on to the next station. We only needed to go through each station once. The way you win? You keep a continuous running tally of the amount of reps you do (rowing not included) at the 5 stations.

So now it’s time for Danny to pick the teams…he did it count off style. I was in team 3…which just HAPPENED to be allllll ladies!

Team Estro to the rescue!

I did 163 reps myself, one of my teammates did 205!! Our total…the highest in the gym….but since we were the last to finish, we had a 115 point reduction for a time penalty…

Final result? Second place (mind you, WITH the time penalty).

Next time you find yourself saying, “You throw like a girl…”, think about what that really means, will ya boys?.. 😉


3 thoughts on “She Rows Like A Girl…

  1. steelbladeninja says:

    Um…I think I saw 206 on your team’s board (unless I read it wrong)… I had 205 and was wondering who beat me out. Now I know – it was a girl…

    Nice job ladies!

  2. Winnie Yong says:

    Wow, is that really you in the picture??

    A friend of mine is a real Crossfit evangelist and insists I should give it a go. I’ve always been too intimidated to try it out though … and now looking at your pic, I think I was right! 😀

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      hahhaa, I wish that were me! I have made RIDICULOUS changes in my body though in the 7 monthes I have been there. I had no abdominal definition at all, and now I can see a 6 pack in the right light 🙂 There is a picture of me in the “That was then, this is now” post. Pretty excited about it! I used to have NO arm definition, now I have shoulders and some bicep muscle! Muscle on my back, and a bum!! Crossfit is amazing…I bet you would LOVE it! 😀

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