Why I CHOOSE Crossfit…and the monthly payment :-p

Well, I can HONESTLY say that after this weekend, a simple trip to another gym, made me appreciate where I come from even more. Where I come from being North Shore Crossfit of course 🙂 

This Sunday, Nick and I took a field trip to a “normal” gym to get in another workout for the weekend. I walked through the doors and it was soooooooooo quiet…and we had to punch in at a front desk…and there was a…wait for it… 

dun dun dun…. 


My own personal hell...

What, however, is far worse than a cardio room???? MIRRORS!! There were mirrors EVERYWHERE! There are no mirrors at Crossfit, and I VERY much appreciate that. I have not thought about my “fat legs” in months…I have only been kind to myself in the fact that I have noticed the growth of muscle, and the strength I have gained…not the fat that I’ve loss (although that has happened too :)) 

I am standing there, infront of a wall of mirrors, in shorts…judging myself HARD! I rack a bar, and PR on my deadlift (155#, up from 130# a couple months ago!!), see stars…and then judge again. What is my problem!? I don’t judge myself like that at Crossfit! Then, in steps Mr. Araza. He tells me to lift up my shirt and check out my abs under this lighting… 

See, this “gym lighting” is DESIGNED to pick up on any HINT of elevation change on your skin…to make you feel REALLY ripped. However, the lighting works the same way on any bumps on your legs…and makes you feel REALLY…well…fat. I know, that’s TERRIBLE, and I just don’t DO that anymore…but that is probably also WHY I dont’ go to gyms anymore… 

One lift of the shirt though, and I literally blew myself away! FULL 6 PACK UNDER THAT THERE LIGHT! 😀 Tricep definition, and some SERIOUS calf definition. So the directly-above-head bright floursecents are good for something! :-p 

It was great, after deadlifting, we made up a WOD and went STRAIGHT to it right there in the weight room. 

Ladder (10,9,8,7…1) of burpees and knees to elbows. It was a 9 minute workout..and the whole time there was a lady on an elipitcal watching me like I was a NUT CASE!! One guy walked in, saw Nick and I doing burpees..and with wide eyes, literally turned and walked out. Yup..we’re weird…and we LOVE IT! Seriously though, while you were on that elipitcal for an hour, reading your People magazine…I was in and out of that workout in 9 minutes…panting, sweating, and then OUT OF THERE! 

But yes, North Shore Crossfit, while I loved you before, I now realize just how much I appreciate you ever more 🙂 Thank you for being so accepting, and loving, and thank you so much for NO MIRRORS 😀 I grow better without them 🙂 

On a side note: I, like I said, PR’d my deadlift on Sunday…AND PR’d my double unders on Saturday… 

Started off doing one double under, then did 3 in a row, then 4 in a row, and then 7 IN A ROW!!!! 7 consecutive double unders!!!! WOOO HOOOOOO!!! 

Thank you Crossfit 🙂


10 thoughts on “Why I CHOOSE Crossfit…and the monthly payment :-p

  1. JoeV says:

    Great work on your PRs and great posting.

    Another thing that sucks about the Globo Gym. No chalk. I have to stick sidewalk chalk in my pocket and surreptitiously wiggle my fingers and hands in my pockets like I’m a pervert or something, when all I want to do is deadlift with dry hands.

    I also hate the mirrors when I’m at max effort during the a rep. My face gets so red that I actually think that I’m going to blow a gasket. That’s the last thing I want to be thinking about when I just want to be locking out a rep. I’m glad I don’t see that at CrossFit!

    That said, I’ve found that CrossFit is not for everyone. I’ve tried to “sell” the idea to so many people and most don’t want to kill themselves the way we do. It IS a very uncomfortable place that we get to and that only far-end-of-the-spectrum fitness freaks can appreciate.

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      Thanks! Yeah, see the thing is, I was soooooooooooo NOT athletic at ALL before Crossfit…I didnt’ do ANYTHING. So to go from couch potato to “far-end-of-the-spectrum fitness freak” blows my mind….and also makes me think that just about ANYONE can change their mindset, and LOVE Crossfit 🙂 How can you NOT when you get amazing results…have an incredible community…it NEVER lets you down! 🙂

  2. Judi says:

    So I think if I do end up moving to Boston you’ll have to take me on this Crossfit adventure to see what it’s like because it sounds like something I might be into. I hate the mirrors in gyms and the endless hours on cardio machines, and I refuse to let trainers put me on the weight machines…I prefer free weights, medicine balls, and weight bars because I feel like I’m actually working!! P.S. Your picture the other day was amazing…I am jealous of your abs 🙂

  3. c wiss says:

    I think I have actually typed the phrase “I pay to belong to a CF box because there are no mirrors” on my blog before. Nothing kills my self-esteem faster than 3 walls of endless mirrors, yuck!

    And I have to admit that when I do CrossFit workouts in the “regular” gym, I never do burpees, I just stick to more normal stuff. You are braver than I am. :-p

    Congrats on the PR!

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