Mom Knows Best!

Well, I survived Daniel 🙂 In 24 minutes flat I completed a mile run, 42 thrusters with 35#, and 100 pull-ups! Also, I got my first RIP in my HAND!!! I know…super exciting 🙂

So as I have said a time or two, the only way to be truly healthy is to be thinking well, eating well and moving well all together, for an extended period of time. As I have stated, again a time or two, I struggle most with the ‘think well’ piece. I have dramatically changed the way I eat and the way I move…but I still allow stress to get the best of me far too often. Luckily, I live with one of the HEALTHIEST think-well models I have ever met! Cool, calm and collected…totally in charge of his mental garden…Nick takes the think-well cake (paleo cake of course :-p)!

For the last 8 months I have made leaps and bounds in this department, with still a full marathon ahead of me. I have come so far though, and I am really proud of that. You want in on the secret?

"When you think things are bad, when you feel sour and blue, when you start to get mad... You should do what I do." ~Dr. Suess


Long before I met Nick, or any of the other Fransonites, or Crossfit Crew; my mom was calling me out on this all the time (thanks mom!). Without any real research and “why” behind her thoughts, she could see a DRAMATIC difference in me when I took my stress to the pavement. I remember, specifically, this one particular time when I was really, really down. I was talking to my mom on the phone, feeling pretty lost, and I remember her clearly telling me “go for a run Jen. You ALWAYS feel better when you go for a run.” I remember pushing back a little, thinking that it wouldn’t really solve any problems…just cover them up. I did, however, go for a run, and guess what?! Not only did I feel better IMMEDIATELY, but I SOLVED THE PROBLEM!? How? How did going for a run solve the problem? My mind was clear, my hormones were in check, the mental fog was lifted, exercise was sparking new brain cell growth, and the list goes on! So, my brain was put in the best possible situation to handle any problems that I was trying to solve!

Now, with what I know about exercise, and why it’s not only amazing for those washboard abs we all want, but that it’s the most nourishing food (that and whole, nourishing food itself of course!) we can give our brains, how could I NOT workout? The secret behind success and continuity? Knowledge! It takes all the willpower needed out of the equation!! When you KNOW your brain and body NEED exercise, and why they do…you don’t need willpower to work out… When you KNOW your brain and body NEED healthy, whole foods, and that crap food is TOXIC, you don’t need willpower to put that donut down and pick up a carrot! Knowledge is power! 😀

So last night, Nick and I were talking about this subject some during dinner. He is going to be teaching a sure to be INCREDIBLE workshop on Stress Management later this month! I will give you the details when I get them! We were talking about how when I upped my Crossfit workouts from 2-3 times a week, to 3-4 consistent times a week, there were HUGE changes in me. There were definitely physical changes (I’ve noticed that my abdomen has shaped up a lot, and my arms have changed dramatically recently!), but my mood has changed soooo much! I’m no longer as sensitive about things, or as moody. I let things go that I used to get hung up on, and when I do get hung up on something, I let go of it so much sooner (I’m talking HOURS less, people..). I argue with my loved ones less, haha (Sensitivity=bickering), and my all-around outlook have improved.

So now when I talk to my mom and I’m reallly not feeling Crossfit, she is that little voice in my ear (quite literally) telling me, “Jen, just go. You always feel so good when you’re done!” Thank you, and all the other amazing support systems in my life, for always being that voice of reason 🙂

Today’s workout

– 3×3 Front Squat

– 10 Pull-ups
– 20 Push-ups
– 30 Slam Balls
– 400M Run
– 50 Burpees
– 400M Run
– 30 Slam Balls
– 20 Push-ups
– 10 Pull-ups

– 150 Sit-ups for time
(4 minute time limit, i.e. max sit-ups in 4 minutes)

I love you all!




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