Big Effing Tire-1: Jen-0

Let me be clear:

Big effing tire that weighs approximately 275 pounds- 1: Jen-0

This Saturday the workout at Crossfit was: “Pet Rocks”. We were put into teams of two, had to accomplish a list of absurdity, all the while holding your “pet rock”, that of which was a 25# weight for me…. One person works at a time, the other hold their 25# pet rock.

“Pet Rocks”

800m run

150 wallballs

80 pullups

60 pushups

30 burpees

20 handstand pushups

5 rope climbs

3 tire flips

800m run

The gym was counted off into groups of two, and guess who my partner was?! Mr. Araza himself. How we managed that I don’t know…we were no where near each other 🙂

We took off on our 800m run, and decided to get the burpees out of the way first since they’re pretty friggin’ tiring. 15 burpees each…next!

Handstand pushups, rope climbs…

…then we headed outside for the tire flips.

Now, I’ve never done a tire flip before. It looks pretty fun, I wanted to at least see if I stood a chance. Nick did two flips; made it look way too easy. So, for those of you that know me (or for those of you that do not, I’ll fill you in…) I am a littttle competitive. Being competitive has its pros and plenty of cons for me. When you are in Crossfit, and you work out with a large number of EXTREMELY capable athletes (when I say capable, I mean JACKED…SHREDDED…STRONG AS WHAT!!), and you “lose” repeatedly (this is when Nick would, once again, tell me it’s not a competition, and not to compare myself…but my very point here is that I tend to do that…often), that is when being competitive isn’t so awesome. So anyway…I wanted to AT LEAST TRRRRRRYYYYYY to flip the 275 pound tire….I mean, it’s not like I was push pressing the thing…just flipping it….

So I get down on my knees, into proper position to flip this sucker…

try #1- didn’t even budge

try #2- I think it came about an inch off the ground

try #3- I got it off the ground about a foot, then it slipped and dropped

try #4- same as #3

try #5- Danny decided to help me, and I got it up and over!

HA. HA! Take that huge flippin’ TIRE!!! Then, I go to stand up…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Not good batman…I felt like one of those cartoons where someone bends over and then tries to stand up and is still stuck in the bent over position….

I straighten up and head inside to do Wallballs and continue down the laundry list of exercises with my partner :). When we have done all of the reps for all of the exercises, we head out to do our final 800m run. The last 400m I am DEAD TIRED! Nick thinks we should pick it up the last 200m (that is where you make the most gains). We do. When we get to the end, I immediately squat down, head between my knees and start that lip quiver, eyes watering…realllly want to cry. I start to…then realize….suck it up Nadeau. Deep breath, I’m over it. I walk inside.

At this point in the day, or even ten minutes into the awesome free yoga class we had following the workout, I was NOT over it… my back was killing me. I really hurt my back….again.

So here I am again, only a month after the LAST time I hurt my back…BUT, at least I can say I hurt it because I was trying to flip a TRACTOR TIRE!!! haha! Seriously…who AM I? :-p

Once again, I am realllly glad I have a boyfriend who is a chiropractor! I spent the majority of Saturday being adjusted, laying on ice packs, or walking around the block to get some movement into my spine. While I was grumpy about some of this at the time, I am really glad Nick made me do them. Thanks to him, I was able to drive up to Portsmouth, NH on Sunday and walk around town for a few hours with my friend Lauren…that of which I would NOT have been able to do if I had just taken a nap on Saturday like I wanted to. Thank you Chiropractic, and thank you Nick 🙂


6 thoughts on “Big Effing Tire-1: Jen-0

  1. Judi says:

    “Who am I” You are Jennifer Nadeau…tire flipper, burpee conquering, wall ball master, all around badass that’s who you are 😉 have a great day!!

  2. Nick says:

    Awesome post babe! I’m proud of you for what you tried, and what you’ve learned. You’re getting to know me so well, that now you don’t even need me around to catch yourself when you edge toward comparisons…ha! my work is done ;-p

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