Today On!

Today on they had a headlining article about couples who have lost weight together as a couple. One of these success stories was about a couple who found Crossfit…check it out!

Timothy, 43, and Eileen, 45, from Chicago

Weight Lost: Timothy, 36 pounds; Eileen, 18 pounds

How We Did It: We started working out at CrossFit Chicago, a total-body fitness program that focuses on functional movements (i.e., moves you would do in everyday life, such as squats or lifting heavy objects) performed at a high intensity (as quickly as possible). Then, we cut out all processed food and ate only “real food.” We felt so energetic right away and that made us want to continue exercising and eating right.
Top Tip: Make the commitment to yourself and your spouse that you will do at least one activity-such as exercise or eating healthy-together. Your spouse can give you that extra support you need to make sure you continue.
Relationship Bonus: When you feel good and look good, you absolutely reap the benefits of a better sex life!

Once again…Crossfit pulls through 🙂 Bringing you better health, better abs, and better sex lives all around the world 🙂

Read the rest of the article here!


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