We Went, We Saw, They Kicked SOME A@$!

A weekend of… 

Amazing feats of strength and endurance, watching full-grown men cry, emotions running high, great food, friends growing closer, tons of sun, barefeet=dirty feet, camping in the Expedition, “Annie” at 7am in Alexis’ parents driveway, short shorts, ice packs, raw vocal chords, Lulu lemon, expensive Crossfit garb, new family, and awe… 

I had such an incredible time in Albany watching our AMAZING Northshore Crossfit competitors rip it up. Together, we came as a group to support and cheer like we’ve never done before…while our friends competed, and did things THEY’VE never done before…Congratulations to ALL of you, you were all so freakin’ amazing! Congrats to Alicia for placing 6th in the overall women!! 

Here’s are some pictures from the weekend, courtesy of Brandon Arakaki 🙂 

Ryan busting out box jumps


Ryan's handstand pushups


Intense spectatorship


A bunch of us lined up, ready to watch Alicia CRUSH IT!


Ryan, catching his breath, post workout


Alicia ROCKING Albany!


Kendra, lining up for her overhead squat!


Northshore Crossfit's Affiliate team!


Part of the affiliate team, aka, Team Badass!


Some mild carnage...Mandy was an ANIMAL on the rower!!


Other than our fierce North Shore competitors, some of my favorite overall competition moments were: 

During the men’s second WOD  they had to clean and jerk as much weight as they could (as much as they could do of 3 reps in a 40 second span of time). There was a guy (who ended up winning the men’s overall) that clean and jerked 300lbs! However, that is not the moment I’m referring to…There was a guy (don’t know his name, or where he was from) that was probably 6’5″, 250 pounds..he was a big dude. I honestly don’t even know how much he ended up clean and jerking..I think it was 260ish. The moment that I loved was when he did his 3rd rep of 260 (i think) in the 40 seconds, and locked his arms, everyone started screaming for him. He puts the bar down, and LOSES it…starts crying so hard that (amongst fierce screaming and fist pumping) he starts hugging people around him. He’s crying, which makes me tear up; I turn around, Alexis is tearing up; I turn back and the tall guy is jumping up and wrapping his immensely long legs around a 5’9″ guy. I guess its true when they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Then, to top it off, we look over at the MC (who is probably no more than 5’6″), and HE’s crying!! It was just a really intense, AMAZING moment! 

Another moment that blew my mind was while we were watching our affliliate team in their 3rd team workout on Sunday, Harlem Crossfit was stationed next to them. Leave it to Harlem to look TOTALLY badass, and to have a team member named “Skittles”. So the workout was a chipper, so they had a ton of work that the had to get done (burpees, box jumps, kettle bell swings, deadlifts) 30 reps of each for each member. So I’m watching my team kick ASS, and then I hear a ridiculous amount of screaming coming from the Harlem corner..I glance over to Harlem…Here is Skittles, deadlifting the 185#, 30 times in a straight row, as if she is just booty popping a ten pound dumbbell. I have never seen anything like it…. 

Now, another side effect of going to a Crossfit competition? Motivation. I left there feeling like I really want to get more serious about Crossfit. If that means that my times get even longer than they are now, so that I can stretch myself, so be it. If that means I feel like I want to die after a workout, but I KNOW that I’m not going to kill myself, so be it. I saw muscles on women that I didn’t even know it was possible to HAVE as a woman…and you know what? I want that! I saw women with grey hair with some of the best bodies I’ve ever seen! Crossfit is amazing…if you go, put in the energy, put in the time…it produces results…period. 

While I was driving home last night, I was recapping the weekend over and over in my head. Honestly, I am so BEYOND grateful for all of the amazing things that have come into my life in the last year. I remember CLEARLY talking to someone on August 28, 2009 about the Crossfit workout they did that day. This was a few months before, I myself, joined Crossfit. I remember her telling me that the workout that day was 100 pullups, 100 pushups, 100 squats, 100 situps. I ALSO remember telling her that was impossible. There is NO way I could do 100 pullups in ONE WORKOUT!! I can’t even do one!!! Here I am, May 2010, and I have already done two workouts in which I did 100 pullups in that one workout. Also, on Memorial Day Monday, I have “Murph” coming up (1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, 1 mile run) and I KNOW that I can do it…whether it takes an hour and a half or not, I KNOW I can do it… 

 It’s so mind-boggling to realize how much of a difference your community makes. When the norm in your community is absolutely “impossible” to the rest of the world, you can, without a doubt, accomplish “impossible” things. 

I am so super grateful for Crossfit…so super in awe of all of you who competed this weekend, and so super in awe of life 🙂 

Have a great Monday 🙂 XOXO 



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