Welcome to the Freak Show :)

Welcome to the freak show: we love it here 🙂

So, last night was a big night for me. Well, yesterday in general was rather big. The first part of the day was BIG emotionally…I was a wreck. I think I cried twice in the course of 12 hours…don’t ask…there really was no REAL reason for it…As Doc Franson talks about sometimes, my emotional bucket was full, and I got bumped a couple of times. Typically the “bumps” were minor, minor, minor….but usually, that’s all it takes.

By late afternoon though, I had calmed down, and my mood changed for the better. When I got home, I had a text from my friend Kathryn. Her husband Evan’s birthday was yesterday, he was turning 31! So, she asked me if I would like to partake in some birthday burpees (31 of them!!)! I figured she was taking a break after competing in Albany this weekend, so I decided to INSTEAD add them to my workout. THEN, I decided to design a workout AROUND that! Happy Birthday Evan!!

1/2 mile run to the beach

31 burpees

31 box jumps (much higher than I usually jump, I’m guessing at least 20″. I used the retaining wall at Dane Street Beach)

31 squats

31 situps

31 pushups

1/2 mile run back home

Now, I spoke about last night being a big night for me, and here is why: the last time I went to work out at the beach, I was with Nick, we went to a secluded spot, and I was STILL mortified!! I ended up doing the workout anyway (which was mild: squats, situps and pushups), but I was MAJORLY outside of my comfort zone. Last night, I ran to the beach (which was packed by the way), ran over to the trees right on the main lawn (NOT in a secluded spot), WITHOUT headphones, and started in with my burpees without even THINKING about it! THEN, when I got through all the other exercises (which I actually drew a crowd of 3-4 little kids that were looking at me like I were a display at a museum) I went over to the retaining wall and started my box jumps. I’m sure it looked super weird, I was sweating profusely to top it off…but I honestly just didn’t care. Then a dad and his daughter came back over to the wall, and appeared to be looking for something. The girl is about 5 feet to my right, and the dad about 10 feet to my left, and they start talking to each other across me. Did I stop out of embarrassment (they OBVIOUSLY see me now..)? Heck no!! I just kept jumping! 😀 I honestly feel really proud that I was sooooooo NOT self-conscious, that I accomplished that workout, and that for the rest of the night, I was as pleasant as they come 😀

Hopefully make it to Crossfit tonight; AWESOME workout!

3 rounds-

400m run

21 Kettlebell swings (35# weight for me)

12 pullups

Challenge: tabata squats!!

Have a great day guys 😀




2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Freak Show :)

  1. Judi says:

    Jen that’s awesome! So proud of you 🙂 It’s a HUGE accomplishment when we conquer something that we were previously uncomfortable with…and the fact that you did it by yourself and didn’t even think about it is AMAZING!! Keep it up 🙂

    • nadeaujl5 says:

      yeah, it was pretty awesome!! and super empowering!! Who cares what people think!!! I wish I could say I have that strength ALL the time..but I’ll get there! 😀

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