90 degrees + “Helen” = Hell(en)

That title is for you Nick :-p

Last night, as I was crashed out on the rubber flooring of NorthShore Crossfit gym, my only aim to catch a normal amount of air, I found just enough to say, “That. Was. Hell”

Nick added, “En”.

I looked at him funny… “What?”

“En” he said again, “It was Hell-en” HA..HA…HA….. Since my brain was still trying to recover from the workout, it was obviously lacking the ability to find humor in cheesy one liners, hehe, love you babe 🙂

The workout: Helen. The temperature: 90ish. The outcome: complete carnage.

3 rounds-

400m run

21 Kettlebell swings (35#)

12 pullups (blue band)

I finished JUST under the cut off at 14:35. Not a GREAT time…but considering it was 90 degrees, and I literally came the closest I ever have to wanting to give up sooooo bad…I’ll take it. Also, I did it prescribed. I typically do everything involving kettlebells with a 25 pounder, but I decided to take a crack at the 35# kb. After the first round I didn’t think I could continue using the 35#er, so I went to grab a 25. I did one swing and realized it had officially become tooooo easy! What?! Gains happen fast around these parts. Back to the 35# kb I go!

Cherry on top: tabata squats. 80+ squats in 4 minutes…I came super close to crying, haha. No joke.

Last night, however, I was literally bouncing off the walls! Yesterday was my third night in a row of hard-core exercise, and it suits me!! I called up my mom when I took a stroll to the beach around 8pm, and she was laughing at me for the ridiculous amounts of energy I had. haha!

Tonight is Nick’s first ever SOLO workshop guys!!! He’s teaching about stress management, and if ANYONE should be teaching it, it’s Mr. Nicholas Araza himself!! Taking first place in the {mental} garden show every year, he is a master of his thoughts! Come watch him tonight at 6:46pm at the Cummings Center in Beverly!!

Happy Hump Day 😀 It’s only downhill to the weekend from here!!




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