@ss Pirates, Murph and Meat Cups…

This weekend was AMAZING. PERIOD! I am so thankful to have such an incredible group of people in my life right now 😀

On Friday, Nick, Ryan, Kendra, Andrew, Liisa and I, met in our driveway for a trek up to Bar Harbor, Maine (only to later meet up with Kathryn, Alicia and Brent at the site). I was heading up that way for a babyshower for one of my best friends, so we all decided to make a weekend out of it. Boy, did we 🙂 Our campsite was gorgeous (right on the water), lots of talking around the campfire, and TONS of laughing! But instead of recapping the whole weekend moment by moment, I thought I would break it down into major subject areas 🙂 

Top of Cadillac Mountain at 5am Sunday morning 🙂


Meat! Meat on plates, meat in cups, meat on sticks…you name it, we ate it. Lots and lots of meat. 

Lobster ice cream (sample size…) 

Beets stuffed with goat cheese 

These AMAZING gluten-free/paleo carrot cake cupcakes with coconut frosting (I’m going to need to get that recipe from Kendra again, so I can actually write it down…those things were AMAZING) 


Someone actually brought a french press on our camping trip. Gotta love it!! Freshly brewed coffee in the AM 🙂 

“Ass Pirates”: Basically an all alcohol “arnold palmer” (alcoholic lemonade and twisted teas), but after a few, we renamed them 🙂 You can’t taste a drop of alcohol. They steal ye booty. 


We definitely got in trouble with the park ranger for being too loud. Good ole’ Art came storming up the hill, seemingly out of the lake, all out of breath to tell us “You DEFINITELY need to quiet down now, or you are DEFINITELY out!” We found it unnecessary for such anger, and we also thought Art needed a hug. We quieted down right away though…or at least we thought. We needed to be told again…by another camper. I felt like I was in high school study hall over again when I was constantly being singled out to be quiet. I can’t help it, my voice carries! That was actually the quote I put in my “most used quote” section of my senior page. 

It’s funny, the group of almost 30 year olds are the ones that are getting in trouble, not the groups of children that we (only found out the next morning) had camping ALLLLLL around us. Oops. Those kids LOVED us though by the end of the weekend…they didn’t want us to leave; probably because we were their source of entertainment :-p 


Tons of games were played this weekend; from bocci ball (the men were playing for the “most awesome guy on the campground” or something like that, us ladies stayed out of their way there, haha; ladder ball, bean bag tossing, and “the paper game” (I have no idea what the real name of this is, I’m not sure anyone does). 


While I was at the babyshower on Saturday, everyone went for a hike. I DID miss out on that hike, but I got to do one Sunday morning. Nick, Ryan, Kathryn and I went off on a hike of our own. After hearing about their “hike” the day before (which including running up the mountain), I thought I made it pretty clear that I was NOT going to be running, and that if they were going to run, I would hike alone (and I was okay with that). We start hiking, and this mountain is literally straight up I feel. The first smooth rock wall surface that comes our way, Ryan takes off sprinting. Do I stick to my plan of NO RUNNING..nope…I sprint up the rock wall myself, in Chucks mind you (maybe not that smart). There were handstands and jumping pictures taken at the top of the mountain, and gorgeous little waterfalls…and of course, more running. The last mile of the hike was a run, and I’ll admit that there was a smile on my face the whole time 🙂 

Ryan and Nick, inverted 🙂

Kat and I's turn!

Serious now 🙂

The weekend was amazing, and super tough to come back. However, we HAD to come back, because on Monday morning at 10am was MURPH!! We got back from Maine at midnight the night before, so I feel I was not mentally prepared for Murph in the morning. To top it off though, I woke up Monday morning not feeling all that well at all. I had, um, women’s pains. Really bad. So bad that I was seriously contemplating NOT doing Murph, but I knew that if I didn’t at least try, I would regret it. So the plan was, I just work out for an hour (I figured it would take me about an hour and a half). 

To refresh your memory of what exactly Murph is: 

1 mile run 

100 pullups 

200 pushups 

300 squats 

1 mile run 

I figured I would go as far as I could until an hour was over! 

Well, I PR’d on my first mile run (IN PAIN!!). I got a sub-8 (7:51) mile run…NEVER before! Then, I set up the middle chunk of massive work in 20 rounds of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats). To tell you the truth, I was totally relaxed during this section. I will ALSO tell you that I got hot enough to actually take off my shirt! Never have I done that before, and yesterday was NOT the ideal day for that (women’s pains=not so sexy belly). I just didn’t care! Finished the middle part and then took off on my final run. My legs LITERALLY were not functioning…I feel like those @ss pirates turned me INTO a pirate, I felt like I was running on wooden pegs for legs! I walked about 1/2 of the last mile, and when I turned the corner for the last 200 meters, Nick was sitting there waiting for me, to be that bit of support I needed. The second I ran through that door, I hear Alicia say “JEN! That’s under an hour!!!! 57:12!!!” 

So! I did Murph (Something I was freaking out about for over a month), WITH walking in the last mile, AND not feeling well in UNDER AN HOUR!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAW!!! I’ll take it 🙂 

The weekend only got better with a cookout after the workout, some more bean bag tosses, great food and maybe a jello shot or two and an “ass pirate”, all with some of the most amazing people I know 🙂 

I hope YOU all had an incredible weekend too!! Happy Tuesday!!! 😀


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